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Wiveton Summerhouse

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A spacious octagonal den in a timeless design with multiple window sets, and a lofty ceiling work together to complement this beautiful classic.

The interior affords for a very sociable circular seating arrangement, perfect for dining with friends or creating a relaxing space in your garden, all finished to our very highest standards.

To create your own ideal Summerhouse, please click on the Create My Summerhouse tab below.

Building Sizes

Our Wiveton Summerhouse is available in 5 different sizes:

1.8 x 1.8m (6 x 6ft)

1.8 x 2.5m (6 x 8ft6)

2.4 x 3.0m (8 x 10ft

3.0 x 3.0m (10 x 10ft)

3.6 x 3.6m (12 x 12ft)

Windows Styles

To afford a light and airy feel inside your Wiveton, and with its octagonal shape, there are windows in four out of the eight sides, as well as in the double doors. 

The windows are all made from 4mm toughened safety glass, they are all opening, and are finished with polished brass or chrome furniture and fitted with draught excluders. You can also choose to have double glazing. 

You can choose from plain, leaded or Georgian-style windows.

Plain Windows

Leaded Windows

Georgian Windows

Roof Options

Our Summerhouses come with your choice of roof covering: select either Cedar Shingle Tiles or Slate Effect Roofing Tiles in terracotta or grey. Both of these roof coverings add longevity to your Garden Building, they don't require much maintenance, and they are attractive and sit harmoniously in outdoor settings

Cedar Shingle Tiles

We use only the finest quality Canadian Blue Label Cedar Shingles expertly tiled by our own skilled craftsmen to give a traditional finish which will 'silver' with age. They are expected to last 25-35 years and they complete the look of your Summerhouse.

Grey Slate Effect Tiles

These individually laid synthetic slates finally bring nature and technology together providing the ultimate protection against UV rays, wind, hail and fire.

Terracotta Slate Effect Tiles

This roofing product carries a 50 year limited warranty. Opt for a more traditional grey or terracotta for a different look which looks great with the lighter paint shades.

Paint Options

Our Summerhouses are available in one of two paint colour ranges: Valtti or Farrow & Ball. Both of these paint ranges offer an opaque finish with a long re-decoration cycle in a wide range of natural colours that will fit perfectly into garden environments. Please see below for information on both paint ranges.


Exterior Paint

  • High quality exterior paint.
  • Weather resistant and protective.
  • Fully opaque four coat system.
  • Inspired by nature and the soft neutral tones of traditional colonial buildings.

Farrow & Ball

Exterior Paint

  • High quality exterior paint.
  • Water resistant and anti-fungal.
  • Rich, fully opaque colour.
  • Specially selected colours from the Farrow & Ball paint collection.
Wimborne White
Old White
Light Gray
Mouse's Back
French Gray
Card Room Green
Green Smoke
Manor House Gray
Down Pipe

Cladding Options

Our timber cladding is machined from very high quality Redwood grown in Northern Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle.

Due to the low temperature in this part of the world, these slowly grown trees produce a much more dense and stable timber than others. The timber mill we partner with, and have very close links to, is FSC® certified like ourselves.

We machine our cladding into particularly thick boards, and because it's a slowly grown timber with an exceptionally close grain, the additional benefits of our cladding are its strength and durability. We machine a capillary groove into our shiplap to reduce the risk of water ingress; and also give our shiplap rounded edges so that paints and stains grab and adhere with maximum effectiveness and coverage.

We clad your building in shiplap as standard, but we also offer weatherboard cladding for a more rustic finish.

Shiplap Cladding - (ex 19 x 125mm)

Weatherboard Cladding - (21>8 x 125mm)

Lining & Insulation

The Wiveton Summerhouse comes lined and insulated (walls and ceiling). This makes it a perfect all-season retreat and greatly enhances the finished look of the building, increasing comfort and decreasing noise levels. 

You can also choose to have the floor insulated as well, as an extra option. 


For the roof we have a 4 tier lining and insulation process; we insulate between the ply layer and the internal matchboard tongue and groove lining and finish the building with your choice of roofing material. For the walls, we insulate your building by trapping a breathable paper membrane between the studwork, which acts as a moisture trap before filling in with insulation. 

There are then 2 options for lining your Summerhouse: natural matchboarding, or painted matchboarding. To have it painted, you can choose our own white internal paint colour, or choose between 5 Farrow & Ball paint colours. 

Natural Matchboard Lining

We can line with our highest grade tongue and groove matchboarding (15mm) offering a natural, warm feel.

Painted Matchboard Lining

We use a channelled, secret-nailed, tongue and groove matchboarding (15mm) with 3 coats of paint leaving a satin, off-white finish, which achieves a bright, clean and airy look.

Farrow & Ball Internal Paint

Choose between 5 neutral colours from Farrow & Ball's range to match the style and shade you're trying to achieve with your new internal space perfectly. Choose between Pointing, Shadow White, Slipper Satin, Lime White and Ammonite.

Year-round Use

If you choose to have full insulation, along with the matchboard lining and double glazing, you will be able to use your building in comfort all through the year.

Floor Options

When choosing the internal options for your new Summerhouse, you have the following flooring options:

Floor Thickness

Our standard (ex 19mm thick) and robust floorboards are set on closely spaced tanalised floor joists, but we can also offer heavy duty (ex 38mm thick) flooring if you are planning on storing particularly heavy items or if there's going to be a lot of movement inside your new Garden Building.

Lacquered Floor

The lacquer is applied to the floorboards in either Natural or Light Oak to help protect the timber, as well as giving it a nice sheen.

Engineered Flooring

This option can be chosen as an alternative to a lacquered floor. There are four different colours to choose from, and the engineered flooring offers a chance to further personalise your new garden building, whether you’re aiming for a traditional, rustic or contemporary style. 

Our engineered floorboards sit on top of the existing floorboards, with a layer of underlay in between the two, providing further insulating and sound absorbing benefits.

Copenhagen Engineered Floor

Heritage Oak Engineered Floor

Dark Oak Engineered Floor

Shade Oak Engineered Floor

Natural or Light Oak Lacquered Floor


For lighting and power in your building, you will get an electric pack with the option of adding a heater to enable you to use it all year-round.

Professionally fitted by qualified electricians who take all the wiring to a consumer unit ready for you to connect to your electricity supply. Internal wiring will be fitted behind the internal lining.

Please see the specification tab to see what is included in the electric pack.  


All our buildings require a level, solid concrete base of the correct size.

The single most important part of installing a garden building is the base. Bases must be:

  • Of the correct size
  • Square i.e. have right angled corners

A concrete base supports your building in the best possible way, adding longevity, as well as creating a substantial distance between your building and surface water.

We can supply a 100mm deep reinforced concrete base ready for your building, laid by our professionals, in advance of your building being installed by us. The site must be clear and reasonably level for us to do this.

The base should always be a minimum of 50mm out of the ground to prevent surface water or puddles affecting your building i.e. rotting it.

The base you have must be made to the plans we give you when you order your building, whether we install the base, or you get a trusted builder to do it for you. 

Bases for larger buildings, and in particular garages, need to be built to exact dimensions - we create special base drawings for our garages, since they sit directly on the concrete base and must be anchored into place.

Always get your garden building base laid by a professional, whether that is us, or a local builder you trust.

We constantly strive to ensure all our materials and techniques are the best that we can source and provide. We lead the market in producing exceptional quality timber buildings. Couple this with our personal and bespoke service and you will be totally delighted with your building.

Wiveton Exterior

Side Walls - ex 19 x 125mm shiplap or weatherboard cladding on ex 38 x 75mm planed framing, all using high quality northern Scandinavian Redwood. The walls are lined with a breathable paper membrane and insulated, before being internally clad with ex 19mm vertical tongue and groove matchboarding with a choice of a painted or natural finish.

Doors - 1 pair or joinery-made double doors 1830mm high x 1100mm wide, 3/4 glazed with 4mm toughened safety glass. The doors are fitted with a mortise lock and either polished brass or chrome handles. 

Door Frame - ex 75 x 75mm planed. 

Windows - 4 sets of either single or double opening windows, fitted with

Opening windows

4mm toughened safety glass. The window frames are joinery-made, and they are finished with either polished brass or chrome fittings. You can also choose double glazing. 

Floor - ex 19 x 125mm tongue and groove floorboards on ex 38 x 75mm tanalised, planed floor joists set at no less than 450mm centres. We also offer the option of having a heavy duty floor, which comprises ex 38mm thick floorboards, and engineered flooring in a choice of four colours. 

Wiveton ceiling

Roof - ex 19 x 125mm tongue and groove matchboarding on solid timber rafters, insulated and finished externally in either cedar shingle or slate effect tiles. 

Height - 2.0m to eave height. 

Electric pack - This consists of 4 double 13 amp switched MK sockets, a gang light switch, a waterproof double external 13 amp MK socket, an 8 way consumer unit: the main switch takes 2 slots - 63 amp MCB - 16 amp and 6 amp blanks, spotlight sets are fixed into the ceiling of all our Wiveton summerhouses, and there is also the option of having a thermostatic 2kva wall heater.

Paint - Externally, you can choose between two paint systems: Valtti or Farrow & Ball. Both paint systems offer an opaque coverage and have long re-decoration cycles with a wide range of natural colours to choose from. For more information, please see the Paint Ranges section on the Options tab.

Our experienced and professional fitting team deliver and install all our buildings to anywhere on the UK mainland free of charge.

As our business is very much dependant on our reputation in providing an excellent product and service, our customer care is exceedingly important to us and you will find that we very much pride ourselves on this. From the design stage, right through to installation, providing the best possible service is our number one priority.

Each building we make is designed and built to order, which means that we can make the building in such a way that it will fit through restricted access areas and be installed exactly where the building is required; however, if you have any concerns about the access to your garden, please contact us and we will be able to advise you.

Please also note that our installation team requires a flat, solid and level base to install your building on. If you have any questions about this at all, we will be more than happy to help if you call us on 01760 444229.

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