The Victoria Greenhouse Collection

Our timber framed greenhouses are an iconic, elegant Victorian design. They are generously proportioned with plenty of height and a steep roof pitch. They have built in automatic opening vents for perfect ventilation. They are constructed from a very high quality timber which is a harmonious material for the garden and we have a variety of colours to choose from to paint the timber. We deliver and install all our greenhouses so that the product is finished to the very highest of our expectations.

Building Sizes

Our Victoria Greenhouses are available in 4 sizes:

1.8 x 2.4 x 2.56m (6 x 8 x 8'4")

3.0 x 3.6 x 3.30m (10 x 12 x 10'9")

1.8 x 3.0 x 2.56m (6 x 10 x 8'4")

2.4 x 3.0 x 2.86m (8 x 10 x 9'3")


We have chosen timber for our greenhouses, a natural durable resource with qualities that man-made materials do not possess. Timber is environmentally friendly, it looks and feels good and it’s a harmonious material for the garden.

The timber we use in the construction of our greenhouses is from very high quality Redwood grown in North Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle. Because of the temperature, these slowly grown trees produce a much more dense and stable timber than others. The timber mill we partner and have very close links to is also FSC® certified like ourselves.


We machine our shiplap in to particularly thick boards and because it’s a slowly grown timber with an exceptionally close grain the additional benefits of our shiplap are its strength and durability. Our Joiners plane the shiplap giving a smooth surface finish which looks great painted. We machine a capillary groove into our shiplap to reduce the risk of water ingress; and also give our shiplap rounded edges so that paints and stains grab and adhere with maximum effectiveness and coverage.


Your greenhouse does not come with a floor.

Paint System

Greenhouses are available in one of two paint colour ranges: Valtti or Farrow & Ball. Both of these paint ranges offer an opaque finish with a long re-decoration cycle in a wide range of natural colours that will fit perfectly into garden environments. Please see below for information on both paint ranges.


Our Valtti system is proven to be the best possible protection for exterior timber. Valtti is fully opaque and gives an exceptionally durable, extremely low maintenance, solid 4 coat finish. Our extensive colour range is inspired by nature and the soft neutral tones of traditional colonial buildings.

Ivory Ivory
Cream Cream
Sandstone Sandstone
Twine Twine
Taupe Taupe
Pebble Pebble
Ash Ash
Saltwater Saltwater
Sundrenched Sundrenched
Verdigris Verdigris
Sage Sage
Lizard Lizard
Lichen Lichen
Slate Slate
Black Black

*Screen colours differs on all screens, please request a sample to confirm your colour selection.

View More About Valtti Paint Range

Farrow & Ball

Crane Garden Buildings have collaborated with Farrow & Ball to offer you our buildings in a specially selected range of their exterior paint colours. Farrow & Ball exterior eggshell paint has a mid-sheen finish, suitable for use on our garden buildings.

After spending many years developing the paint, they have created a highly durable product that is flexible and highly resistant to flaking, peeling, and colour fade, as well as being both fungal and water resistant.

Wimborne White Wimborne White
Pointing Pointing
Old White Old White
Light Gray Light Gray
Mouse's Back Mouse's Back
French Gray French Gray
Card Room Green Card Room Green
Green Smoke Green Smoke
Pigeon Pigeon
Manor House Gray Manor House Gray
Down Pipe Down Pipe
Off-Black Off-Black

*Screen colours differs on all screens, please request a sample to confirm your colour selection.

View More About Farrow & Ball Paint Range

Slatted Benches

You may wish to add a workbench to your greenhouse. Our slatted bench is made using oak faced plywood and finished using the same colour as the exterior.

Slatted Benches


All our buildings require a level solid base of the correct size. We offer a base service.

The single most important part of installing a garden building is the base. Bases must be:

  • of the correct size
  • square i.e. have right angled corners

If the base is undertaken by someone who does not know what they are doing the base is likely to be uneven and therefore will create a lot of problems for your building in the short term and long term. The door will start to become unaligned and not shut properly and possibly create other movements within the building structure. The base supports the building and creates distance between your building and surface water.

We strongly recommend a solid concrete base (which will include steel reinforcement within the mix), no less than 100mm deep is ideal.

The base should always be a minimum of 50mm out of the ground to prevent surface water or puddles affecting your building i.e. rotting it.

The size of the base needs to be the metric size of your building. For example, if you order a 8 x 10 building, the metric size is 2.4 x 3.0 metres and this should be the size of the base. If the base is not built to the metric size then you will see the base around the building which is unsightly.

Bases for larger buildings and in particular garages need to be built to exact dimensions and drawings should be obtained from us before the base is laid.

A timber beam base can be necessary in rare cases where the building is on a steep slope or to be built near trees with tree preservation orders on them.

Always get your garden building base laid by a professional. We supply a base service if you should require it.

(gable first)
Price Optional Slatted Bench
m ft
1.8 x 2.4 6 x 8 £5,870 £336
1.8 x 3.0 6 x 10 £6,345 £384
2.4 x 3.0 8 x 10 £7,245 £384
3.0 x 3.6 10 x 12 £8,795 £432

All of our garden buildings come with a range of optional extras, and to explore these fully, please use our pricebuilder tool by clicking on the banner below. The tool will take you through the options for this building; however, if you have any further requests, please don't hesitate to call us on 01760 444229, request a callback or contact us to discuss a bespoke made building with our helpful team.


We constantly strive to ensure all our materials and techniques are the best that we can source and provide. We lead the market in producing exceptional quality timber buildings. Couple this with our personal and bespoke service and you will be totally delighted with your building.

Construction Planed tongue and groove ex 19 x 100mm, corner posts ex 70mm, uprights ex 50mm; all using high grade Scandinavian Redwood.
Glazing We glaze in 4mm toughened safety glass
Door Half glazed, joinery made door. 1900 x 750mm (high x wide). Glazed using 4mm toughened safety glass. Fitted with a 5 lever, solid brass mortise lock.
Vents 2 automatic opening vents are fitted into our greenhouse roof for perfect, essential ventilation
Floor This buildings does not have a floor.
Paint Painted using our Valtti system.

Delivery and Installation

Our experienced and professional fitting team deliver and install all our buildings to anywhere on the UK mainland free of charge.

As our business is very much dependant on our reputation in providing an excellent product and service, our customer care is exceedingly important to us and you will find that we very much pride ourselves on this. From the design stage, right through to installation, providing the best possible service is our number one priority.

Superior Shed Delivery and Installation

Each building we make is designed and built to order, which means that we can make the building in such a way that it will fit through restricted access areas and be installed exactly where the building is required; however, if you have any concerns about the access to your garden, please contact us and we will be able to advise you.

Please also note that our installation team requires a flat, solid and level base to install your building on. If you have any questions about this at all, we will be more than happy to help if you call us on 01760 444229.

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