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The Victoria Greenhouse Collection

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Our timber framed Victoria Greenhouses are an iconic, elegant Victorian design. They are generously proportioned with plenty of height and a steep roof pitch. 

Our Greenhouses are an attractive choice for the serious gardener, providing the perfect place to build-up a kitchen garden or nurture exotic plants.

To design your own Greenhouse, please click on the Create My Greenhouse tab below.

Our Greenhouses

We have called our range of Greenhouses, The Victoria, in commemoration of the Victorians passion for greenhouses, and the inspiration they gave us for their design.

A brief History 

The concept of a greenhouse has been around for a very long time, dating back to Roman times: Emperor Tiberius would have a cucumber-like vegetable grown for him throughout the year to allow him to eat one each day. Then later on, the Italians housed exotic plants brought back by explorers in primitive greenhouses.

For the United Kingdom, it wasn't until the Victorian era that greenhouses became popular: in 1851 the tax on window glass was repealed, meaning that glass became affordable. 

Exhibition greenhouses enjoyed their golden age where the well-heeled Victorians would spend their increasing leisure time amongst unusual and exotic plants, the most iconic of which was England's Palm House in Kew Gardens. 

Our Greenhouses

Over time, greenhouses have become more affordable, with varying different designs and materials being used.  With our range of the Victoria Greenhouse, we have stayed true to our roots, and use timber for the frame, a natural, durable material that sits harmoniously in your garden, in a traditional, elegant Victorian-esque design. 

Building Sizes

Our Victoria Greenhouses are available in 4 sizes:

1.8 x 2.4m (6 x 8), 1.8 x 3.0m (6 x 10)2.4 x 3.0m (8 x 10), 3.0 x 3.6m (10 x 12)

Paint Options

Our Timber Greenhouses are available in one of two paint colour ranges: Exterior or Farrow & Ball. Both of these paint ranges offer an opaque finish with a long re-decoration cycle in a wide range of natural colours that will fit perfectly into garden environments. Please see below for information on both paint ranges.


Paint Range

  • High quality exterior paint.
  • Weather resistant and protective.
  • Fully opaque four coat system.
  • Inspired by nature and the soft neutral tones of traditional colonial buildings.

Farrow & Ball

Exterior Paint

  • High quality exterior paint.
  • Water resistant and anti-fungal.
  • Rich, fully opaque colour.
  • Specially selected colours from the Farrow & Ball paint collection.
Wimborne White
Old White
Light Gray
Mouse's Back
French Gray
Card Room Green
Green Smoke
Manor House Gray
Down Pipe

Slatted Benches & Roof Vents

Slatted benches and roof vents are details that help make our Greenhouse a practical, as well as attractive, solution for your Greenhouse requirements. 

You can add one or two slatted benches to your greenhouse to help with your potting needs, or you can choose not to have any at all. The benches are made using oak faced plywood and finished using the same paint colour as the exterior.

The roof vents come as standard with your Greenhouse: there are two in each greenhouse, one on either side of the roof, and are temperature controlled to automatically open to help ventilate the room inside when it gets too warm. 

Slatted Bench

Roof Vents


Our Greenhouses must sit on a concrete base for stability, and do not come with a floor.

Please see below for more information on concrete bases.

Concrete Base


All our buildings require a level, solid concrete base of the correct size.

The single most important part of installing a garden building is the base. Bases must be:

  • Level within a 6mm tolerance to ensure the longevity of your building
  • Of the correct size (please follow the base plan we send you)
  • Square i.e. have right angled corners

A concrete base supports your building in the best possible way, adding longevity, as well as creating a substantial distance between your building and surface water.

Concrete base in a customer's gardenWe can supply a 100mm deep reinforced concrete base ready for your building, laid by our professionals, in advance of your building being installed by us. The site must be clear and level within 100mm for us to do this.

The base should always be a minimum of 50mm out of the ground to prevent surface water or puddles affecting your building i.e. rotting it.

The base you have must be made to the plans we give you when you order your building, whether we install the base, or you get a trusted builder to do it for you. 

Bases for larger buildings, and in particular garages, need to be built to exact dimensions - we create special base drawings for our garages, since they sit directly on the concrete base and must be anchored into place.

Please note: If you intend to fully or partially surround the building base with hard paving we strongly suggest the installation of a French drain between the paving and base to prevent rain bouncing off the hard surface and driving up under the building, which in turn could cause damp and rot. A French drain is a simple small trench, dug around your building and filled with aggregate that will allow surface water to drain away.

Always get your garden building base laid by a professional, whether that is us, or a local builder you trust.

We constantly strive to ensure all our materials and techniques are the best that we can source and provide. We lead the market in producing exceptional quality timber buildings. Couple this with our personal and bespoke service and you will be totally delighted with your building. 

Construction - Planed tongue and groove ex 19 x 100m, corner posts ex 70mm, uprights ex 50mm: all using high grade FSC® certified northern Scandinvian Redwood.

Glazing - We glaze the Greenhouse with 4mm thick toughened safety glass. 

Door - The door is a half-glazed, joinery made door. 1900 x 750mm (high x wide), and glazed using 4mm thick toughened safety glass. The door is fitted with a 5 lever mortise lock, and either a polished brass or chrome door handle. 

Roof Vents - There are 2 automatic opening vents in the roof that are fitted into all our greenhouses. They are temperature controlled to help with essential ventilation. 

Flooring - The Greenhouse does not have a floor; it sits directly onto a concrete base. 

Paint - Externally, you can choose between two paint systems: Exterior and Farrow & Ball. Both paint systems offer an opaque coverage and have long re-decoration cycles with a wide range of natural colours to choose from. For more information, please see the Paint Ranges section within the Options tab. 

Our experienced and professional fitting team deliver and install all our buildings to anywhere on the UK mainland free of charge.

As our business is very much dependant on our reputation in providing an excellent product and service, our customer care is exceedingly important to us and you will find that we very much pride ourselves on this. From the design stage, right through to installation, providing the best possible service is our number one priority.

Delivery Vans

Each building we make is designed and built to order, which means that we can make the building in such a way that it will fit through restricted access areas and be installed exactly where the building is required; however, if you have any concerns about the access to your garden, please contact us and we will be able to advise you.

Please also note that our installation team requires a flat, solid and level base to install your building on. If you have any questions about this at all, we will be more than happy to help if you call us on 01760 444229.

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