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Garden Sheds

Price: £20,205.00 £16,164.00

This attractive, practical Superior Shed would make a great addition to a garden for a customer who has need of a workshop, whether that is for a leisure or professional purpose. There are cedar shingle tiles on the roof and the building has been painted in Valtti Lichen paint. There are double doors with windows and seven more windows (all are double glazed) around the building, two of which open...

Width (Gable): 3.6m (12ft) -
Length: 5.4m (18ft) -
Ref: NOT300911


Price: £16,080.00 £12,864.00

This lovely Morston Summerhouse is the perfect accompaniment to a garden for relaxation, a hobby room or even an office. The veranda is 1.2m deep, making it a wonderful place to sit out and enjoy your garden in the summer, or sit with a blanket for some fresh air in the winter. Painted in our Valtti paint system in Sundrenched Blue, this summerhouse is sure to brighten up any garden. It als...

Width (Gable): 3.6m (12ft) -
Length: 4.2m (14ft) -
Ref: BUR300827

Price: £17,710.00 £14,168.00

If you want a garden building with a veranda, this Morston Summerhouse could be the building for you; there are grey slate effect tiles on the roof and the colour system is Valtti paint in Sage. It has a 1.2m deep veranda with a lovely picket fence on the sides, double doors and two opening windows. Inside the building, there is natural matchboard lining, which gives the walls a warm and inviting...

Width (Gable): 3.6m (12ft) -
Length: 4.8m (16ft) -
Ref: NOT 300918

Price: £15,595.00 £12,476.00

An octagonal summerhouse, this Wiveton has four sets of double, opening Georgian windows, cedar shingle tiles on the roof and double doors in the front side. Lizard, a natural green colour from our Valtti colour range, has been used to paint the summerhouse: Valtti is a multi-layered, opaque paint system that has a long re-decoration cycle. Inside the Wiveton, there is painted matchboard lining to...

Width (Gable): 3.0m (10ft) -
Length: 3.0m (10ft) -
Ref: NAR 304351

Price: £21,805.00 £17,444.00

The Morston is a chalet style summerhouse with a 1.2m deep veranda on the front: this one has got cedar shingle tiles on the roof and it has been painted in the colour Taupe, from our Valtti colour range. The double doors are fully glazed and there are four sets of windows in total around the summerhouse to allow plenty of light inside. There are two top opening windows on the sides, and the door...

Width (Gable): 4.2m (14ft) -
Length: 4.8m (16ft) -
Ref: BRI303757

Price: £6,299.00 £5,039.00

The Orford Summerhouse is designed to fit into the corner of a garden easily, without taking up too much room, as it is a five-sided building. It has a pent roof, double doors and two sets of double windows (two of these windows open), attractively fitted with Fleur-de-Leys style cast iron door and window furniture. There is a black corrugated material on the roof, the windows are leaded in style,...

Width (Gable): 2.4m (8ft) -
Length: 2.4m (8ft) -
Ref: BUR313052

Price: £14,895.00 £11,916.00

This Wiveton is a highly attractive summerhouse, and the perfect size to entertain friends and family in. The octagonal shape and four sets of double, opening windows allow for a wide viewing range, ideal if you've got fabulous views or a large garden that deserves to be admired. Seasoned cedar shingle tiles adorn the roof, the windows are leaded in style, and the summerhouse has been painted in t...

Width (Gable): 3.0m (10ft) -
Length: 3.0m (10ft) -
Ref: SUN 302946

Garden Rooms

Price: £36,795.00 £29,436.00

This large Garden Room has a hipped roof with grey slate effect tiles on, white guttering, and the external cladding is weatherboard to add a more rustic feel to the building. There are double inset doors in the front side, corner boards all around, and there are four sets of double, leaded windows in total, all of which are double glazed and can be opened. The colour chosen for this Garden Room i...

Width (Gable): 4.2m (14ft) -
Length: 6.0m (20ft) -
Ref: BRI 303807

Price: £32,020.00 £25,616.00

This Garden Room has an apex roof and a 1.8m deep veranda, perfect for lounging on. There are cedar shingle tiles on the roof, and the building has been painted in two colours: Valtti Pebble has been used for the body of the building, and Valtti Ivory has been used for the doors, windows and veranda. There is also white guttering on the building, and the windows (four double, opening sets in total...

Width (Gable): 4.8m (16ft) -
Length: 4.8m (16ft) -
Ref: BRI 304487

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