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Enhance Your Outside Living Spaces With Help From Our Articles

Garden Pest Advice - 13th July 2016

Garden pests are annoying, they can ruin our plants and halt the growth of an otherwise beautiful back garden.

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Ingenious Garage Usage Ideas - 8th July 2016

What do you think about when someone asks you what a garage is for? Somewhere to put your car, or something else?

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What to grow in your Greenhouse - 8th July 2016

For the green-fingered among us, greenhouses are a gardening haven...

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A Hobby Room for your Garden - 6th July 2016

Garden Buildings can be a great solution if you’re running low on space in your house to indulge in your hobby. If your garden is big enough, you can pop up a garden building, decorate it as you see fit, and you’ve got yourself your own personal space to work on your hobby to your heart’s content in.

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Stylish Interior Design Ideas for Your Garden... - 5th July 2016

A garden retreat can be a wonderful thing, a luxury that becomes the focal point of your outside space. It takes a lot of time to decide how your summerhouse will look on the outside, picking out colours, roofing material, the style of the windows and doors, but now it’s time to decorate the inside!

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Resourceful Shed Organisation Ideas - 4th July 2016

Sheds. The hiders of garden clutter, the protectors of valued projects and the shelters for our peace and relaxation time: there’s no denying how useful a shed can be. The big question for many of us though is how to keep them tidy? Clutter, especially in smaller sheds, can be a real pain when you’re trying to find something in a hurry, but there are many ways to keep clutter to a minimum. All you need is some time and some ingenious thinking and you’ll have a clear, workable space before you know it.

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Exotic Fruits You Can Grow In The UK - 29th June 2016

Despite being named as “exotic fruits” many of the fruits we deem as exotic can in fact be grown in the UK.

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3 Celebrities Who Love Gardening - 15th June 2016

Not all celebrities have their very own personal gardeners, some enjoy gardening themselves.

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Our Highlights of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show... - 2nd June 2016

Last week at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show was a whirlwind of lovely people, magnificent gardens and, mostly, great weather.

It was certainly a very good week for us as a company, because we picked up the 5 Star Tradestand Award for our display for the third year running! We are all massively proud of this success and are very thankful for the amazing team we have to achieve this.

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