About Us

Crane Garden Buildings, a family-operated business, has been crafting timber buildings in Norfolk for five decades, establishing itself as a market leader in the production of high-quality timber garden buildings. Our enduring success is rooted in our strong reputation for excellence, as much of our business is shaped by the trust we've built with our customers.

We take pride in offering a personalised service that prioritises the customer from the initial design phase all the way through to the final installation. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the delight our clients experience with their bespoke buildings and our ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot.

Crane Garden Buildings Show Centre

Our sheds, studios, summerhouses, and garden offices stand out as exceptional and unparalleled in the industry. Continuously striving to build superior quality garden buildings, we are proactive incorporating any advancements in products, techniques, and components into our processes. With a team of skilled craftsmen and a highly regarded installation team, we ensure that each building meets and exceeds our stringent standards.

Why Choose Crane Garden Buildings…

  • 50 years of experience 
    Our family-run business was established back in 1974 by David and Linda Crane. Since those humble beginnings, Crane Garden Buildings has evolved significantly, now occupying a sprawling 34-acre site, and boasting a diverse portfolio of 30 building styles, ranging from sheds to summerhouses and studios. Our growth is not only reflected in our expansive facilities but also in our commitment to the community, as we proudly employ over 120 local individuals.

    Crane Garden Building Team

    Throughout our journey, we have honed our craftsmanship and perfected the art of building, drawing on decades of experience. Our evolution has been marked by our dedication to sourcing the highest quality materials, a pursuit that has positioned us as creators of some of the finest garden buildings in the market. With a blend of time-tested expertise and a continuous commitment to excellence, Crane Garden Buildings stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of our founders' vision and the thriving spirit of our community-oriented business.

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  • Designs tailored to your needs 
    At Crane, we champion the idea that crafting your ideal garden building should be a collaborative process. To facilitate this, we offer a multitude of customisable features for you to choose from to create a finish that is designed by you and crafted by us. Discover the myriad options available for customisation as you navigate through our unique online building configurator tailored to each building style.

  • High quality sustainable timber
    All of our garden buildings are made from certified Scandinavian Redwood sourced from our timber mill partner in Northern Sweden. The Redwood has slowly grown for more than 130 years at latitude a above 65 degrees north. These conditions encourage slow growth to form a close grain with fewer knots signifying the strength and superior quality of the wood.

    Sustainably sourced Scandinavian Redwood
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  • Handmade to order 
    Every structure we offer is meticulously crafted through a personalised process. Designed by our in-house CAD engineers, our buildings are manufactured to order, allowing us to leverage our extensive expertise to tailor standard designs according to your specific requirements. Within our Norfolk workshop, skilled craftsmen bring these designs to life, hand-crafting each element from the framing and cladding to the doors and windows. This ensures that every aspect adheres to the elevated standards that define our brand. By marrying modern design with traditional craftsmanship, we not only meet but exceed the expectations that we proudly set for ourselves.

  • Outstanding customer service  
    When it comes to customer service, we understand that every interaction is an opportunity to exceed expectations. Our team is driven by a passion for providing not just satisfactory, but exceptional service. From the moment a customer expresses interest to the post-purchase support, we are committed to fostering positive and lasting relationships. Our customer-centric approach involves active listening, personalised solutions, and a genuine desire to address the unique needs of each customer, ensuring a seamless and gratifying experience.

  • UK Delivery & Installation Included  
    The cost of delivery and installation is included in the price of our buildings. No one knows our buildings quite like we do, which is why we entrust the installation process to our team of exceptionally skilled fitters. These dedicated professionals, well-versed in the intricacies of our designs, undertake the installation of every building we sell. This meticulous approach guarantees that each structure is erected to exacting standards and aligns with our stringent quality guidelines. By entrusting the installation to our proficient team, we not only ensure the seamless realisation of your project but also uphold the unwavering commitment to quality that defines our brand.

    Crane Garden Building's installation team putting together a Salthouse Studio
  • 10- Year Guarantee 
    Our confidence in the superior quality of both the materials we use and our craftsmanship in creating garden buildings is unwavering. To demonstrate this assurance, we offer a guarantee of up to 10 years on all buildings in our core range. This guarantee not only reflects our commitment to excellence but also provides you with peace of mind, that in the event of any issues arising down the road, you can confidently turn to us for a prompt and effective resolution. Your satisfaction and the enduring durability of our buildings are paramount, and our guarantee stands as a testament to our dedication to your long-term enjoyment and peace of mind.

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  • Show centres across the country
    With a network comprising more than 14 show centres spanning the central region of England, we bring our exceptional garden buildings closer to you. Each centre has a range of our handcrafted garden buildings on display providing you with the opportunity to witness the quality of our builds firsthand. Upon your visit, our friendly sales designers eagerly await to extend a warm welcome, ready to assist you in exploring our offerings. They are knowledgeable and prepared to address any questions you may have, guiding you through the process of designing the garden building to suit your individual style and its intended purpose.

    Crane Garden Building Show Centres

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