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Garden Gyms

The perfect blend of design and usability

Garden Gyms

The perfect blend of design and usability

Van, Delivery & Installation included Delivery & installation included
Van, Delivery & Installation included
Delivery & installation
10-year guarantee
10-year guarantee
for peace of mind
45+ Years Experience
Over 45 years'
Handmade to Order in Norfolk
Handmade to order
in Norfolk

Finding time to keep up with your fitness goals can sometimes be a real challenge. Combining both convenience and functionality, garden gyms offer a perfect solution. This dedicated fitness space, right in your back garden, can take various forms, from a modest shed kitted out with basic equipment to a garden room that could be just like a professional gym, packed with a wide array of machines and weights.

What is a garden gym?

A garden gym is your very own workout space situated within your garden. This custom-built structure can range from a simple yet functional garden shed gym to a fully-equipped garden gym room, offering a comfortable and private environment for your fitness routines.

Why have a garden gym?

By having a garden gym, you’ll never have to worry about whether the equipment you want to use will be available for you when you get there ever again. Not only that, but you don’t have to pay a gym membership fee for equipment that you know you won’t use - your garden gym, your rules - you get to choose which pieces of equipment you would like to use in the privacy of you own gym. 

The benefits of a garden gym

  • Convenience - With a garden gym, your workout zone is just steps away from your main living area. It significantly reduces time spent commuting to a public gym, offering the utmost convenience for busy individuals. As well as the convenience of going to the gym whenever you want, without having to adhere to a schedule. 
  • Privacy - Unlike crowded public gyms, a garden gym room provides complete privacy, letting you exercise at your own pace without any inhibitions or distractions.
  • Personalised Space - A garden gym building offers the liberty to tailor your fitness space according to your needs. You can create an environment that motivates you, incorporating your preferred equipment and aesthetic elements.
  • Cost savings - A garden gym could result in substantial savings in the long run. It eliminates gym membership fees and transport costs, providing an economical solution for maintaining regular fitness routines.
  • Versatility - A garden gym room can be designed to accommodate a variety of exercise types, from cardio and strength training to yoga and Pilates, making it a versatile space for diverse workout routines.
  • Property enhancement - A well-designed and aesthetically pleasing garden gym can add to the overall appeal and value of your property.

Our gym features & considerations

Crane offers the following features:

  • Year-round use: we offer a range of buildings that can be used all year-round, perfect to help you stay fit and active, no matter what the weather is doing outside. With full insulation, solid pine lining, double glazing, and the option to have electrics, our buildings will help you achieve your exercise goals. 
  • Modern or traditional styling: Our modern style buildings are most popular for gym-use; however, we also have a few more traditional options if that would suit your home and garden better. All these designs are geared up for year-round use, so it is purely down to which style suits you the most. 
  • Personalisation: personalising a new gym will be key to help make it feel like your own. We can help with that with our choice of both exterior and interior paint colours. We offer a wide range of both, and can offer different wall and ceiling colours to help bring the inside of your gym to life. 
  • Plenty of light: Our modern garden gym designs come with plenty of windows to allow an abundance of natural light inside, allowing you to enjoy the serenity of your garden as you work-out. Our Holt Studio has 2 full walls of glazing, and our Salthouse has 1 wall of glazing; however, both designs can be changed depending on your needs, and that can be either adding or removing windows.  
  • Sturdy floor: Gyms tend to come with heavy equipment. If you intend to place heavy equipment, such as a treadmill, weights machine, or rowing machine etc. inside your building, we would recommend you choose our heavy duty flooring. While our standard floorboards are ex19mm thick, our heavy duty boards are ex38mm thick, and will offer a sturdy, durable platform for you to exercise on. 

Why Choose Crane

Established in 1974 by David Crane, Crane Garden Buildings are proud to still be, at their heart, a Norfolk-based, family-run business, and a highly rated producer of high quality timber garden buildings. 

10-year guarantee for peace of mind

Over 45 years' experience

Handmade to order

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The ideal size for your garden gym depends on the space available in your garden and your fitness requirements. The most popular garden gym sizes we get are 3.0 x 3.0m and 3.0 x 3.6m; however, we have also sold them as big as 3.6 x 5.4 and 3.6 x 4.8m, and we offer customisation options to meet your needs.

Generally, garden gyms with internal dimensions of up to 30m2 do not require planning permission. However, we advise referring to our detailed planning permission article for comprehensive guidance.

Begin by envisioning your ideal garden gym. Consider factors such as the type of exercises you'll be performing, the equipment you need and the style that suits you best. Once you have a clear idea, our expert designers will assist you in creating your perfect garden gym.

Absolutely, we offer partitions in many of our designs to provide separate spaces within your garden gym.

No, we wouldn't do this. Our buildings are made from timber, and shouldn't be put up against something solid as they need a breathable air gap to allow for ventilation. This means damp won't build up, and you will ensure the longevity of your building. If you want a building attached to the wall, you are best to look for a different material other than timber, or look at a conservatory.

We offer size flexibility rather than custom shapes. If you don't find your preferred size among our standard offerings, please contact us to explore the possibilities.

While we don't offer plumbing, our garden gyms can come with an electrical pack which preinstalls things like your lights, plug sockets, and an electric heater. If you're wondering how to get your electricity to your garden gym, we offer advice but you will need a qualified electrician to do this for you.

Our garden gyms are fully insulated, depending on the design you choose. If you opt for an unlined design, we can provide insulation, or you can choose to do it yourself.

Yes, we offer an optional air conditioning unit as part of our electrical package.

We provide a 10-year guarantee with most of our buildings. We also have a dedicated customer service team who will help you throughout the order process, and will be on-hand to help with any questions post-installation as well. Find out more about our 10-year guarantee.


Excellent job - the team were helpful, informative and quick. The sales and support team were also very responsive to queries.

Mr T - London - August 2023

Chap in charge was very friendly and his communication skills were excellent. I was kept up to date continually and given practical advice where necessary. They left the area immaculate, I was really impressed with the whole procedure and will certainly highly recommend Crane Garden Buildings.

Ms C - West Sussex - September 2023

I was particularly impressed with the installation crew who completed their task cheerfully and uncomplainingly in what were awkward circumstances, that is they had to park their large rig in my neighbour's long and wide-access driveway and hand-carry every component of the build the 100 yards or so to the site of the base. They worked non-stop throughout the build which was completed mid-afternoon.

Mr P - Isle of Wight - September 2023