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Garden Man Caves

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Van, Delivery & Installation included Delivery & installation included
Van, Delivery & Installation included
Delivery & installation
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10-year guarantee
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Handmade to order
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The garden man cave is often thought of as being the ultimate solution to having your own personal space at home. With a bit of a novelty, a dash of comfort and a whole lot of you, these outdoor spaces have been quickly gaining popularity. Perhaps because they’re the perfect blend of convenience, creativity and comfort. Somewhere that lets you create a unique space that’s entirely yours.

What are garden man caves?

A garden man cave is a room in your garden, separate from your main home, that is typically dedicated to a man or a group of men but can be used by anyone in the household, where they can engage in activities and hobbies, relax, and entertain without interference. These spaces can vary widely in style and purpose, but common elements include comfortable seating, entertainment systems, and decor that aligns with the user's tastes, such as sports memorabilia, gaming setups, or hobby-related items.

Why have a garden man cave?

No one should feel guilty about needing their own space to take a break and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life occasionally. Whether that’s a place to unwind after a demanding workday or to simply spend time doing your hobby uninterrupted, not everyone has space within the home to claim as their own private retreat. A garden man cave is the perfect solution to this, separate from the main home there is less chance of being interrupted and you won’t feel bad about using up valuable family space.

The benefits of a garden man cave

Personal space

Having your own clearly defined personal space will have a positive impact on your well-being. Whether you're a busy parent needing a break or an artist seeking solitude, a garden man cave is your go-to solution especially if you lack physical space within your home. After COVID-19, we all know how stressful it can be living in close quarters with rare opportunities to spend some time alone to relax, reflect, or recover mentally and how important this alone time is. Your garden man cave could be somewhere where you can finally have that quiet corner to read, write, play music or even just do nothing at all whenever you feel like you need it. A retreat from the distractions of the household, the garden man cave offers you a place to recharge and relax.

Socialising and entertainment

Beyond being an idyllic haven for quality alone time, your garden man cave can also be a social sanctuary, offering an ideal setting to gather with friends and family. Hosting parties and get togethers in your home can be stressful with a constant worry that something may get damaged or it will disrupt others, for instance, children, in your household. Your garden man cave will be situated away from your main home and can be equipped with everything you need from a bar to a pool table, to a large TV perfect for playing video games and watching your favourite sports. The ideal solution for worry-free parties that you can enjoy all year round.

Pursue hobbies and interests

Always wanted to take up model rail building but didn't have space? Or perhaps you've been looking for the perfect spot to start learning a new skill? Finding surplus space within your home that you can turn into a dedicated man cave full of your hobby tools and equipment can be very tricky to come by. Not only might space be limited but you also have a greater chance of being interrupted by other family members, and your precious tools and equipment are at risk of being meddled with. For those with hobbies like model building, woodwork, restoration projects etc. a garden man cave offers a safe place to work away from distractions and with peace of mind that your workspace will look exactly as you left it the next time you go in there.


When choosing a garden building to use as your man cave, most people will be looking at size, style and other features like whether it's lined and insulated to ensure year-round use. Having these customisation options allows you to design a building that complements your home and garden as well as meeting your own tastes and requirements. The garden building you create will be a valuable addition to your home as it can be used for a multitude of purposes and will always be a useful space whether it continues to be a garden man cave or takes on another purpose.

Our man cave features & considerations

Lined & Insulated

When choosing a garden building to turn into your very own garden man cave, an important feature you will need to look out for is that it is fully insulated. It’s highly likely that as a man cave, you will want to spend time in it all year round, whether you’re tinkering with your model rail set or having friends around to watch the football, choosing an insulated building will help to regulate the internal temperature and keep you comfortable during the summer and winter months. You will also benefit from this should you decide to add an internal heat source during the colder months with the insulation helping to trap the warm air inside the building. The majority of our garden buildings come fully lined & insulated as standard or as an optional upgrade.

Electricity & Lighting

Electricity and lighting is another essential feature you will need for a fully functioning man cave. Lighting at the very least is a must, and instead of running an extension lead which will only offer a limited amount of sockets, finding a garden building with lights preinstalled will be a bonus and allow you to have multiple electrical devices running at the same time. Our electric pack includes LED spotlights, or a tube light for our sheds, 4 double sockets, 1 external double socket, 1 8-way consumer unit, and we even have a wall-mounted heater and air conditioning unit extras. Allowing you to have a fridge to keep the beers cold, your TV and games console on, as well as a heater if it’s feeling a bit chilly.


Have you had to compromise on your garden man cave to include storage space or perhaps you’ve been given the green light as long as your friends don’t need to come into the house? This is where partitions come in! With the majority of our buildings, you have the option to add internal partitions to define a space inside your man cave. This could be to create more storage space which has a separate external door, or you could use the partitions if you want to have a toilet inside your man cave.

General Customisation

If you’re going to be installing a large garden man cave it’s important that it fits in with the rest of your garden and the style of your home. We offer a wide range of building styles from modern sleek designs to more traditional ones you’d find in an old English garden and others are somewhere in between. Each building style comes with a variety of customisation options so that you can create the man cave of your dreams. You will be able to choose the exterior look of the building from the cladding to the paint colour to the roof material and inside you will be able to choose the paint colour and any extras like an electric pack or partitions.

Why Choose Crane

Established in 1974 by David Crane, Crane Garden Buildings are proud to still be, at their heart, a Norfolk-based, family-run business, and a highly rated producer of high quality timber garden buildings. 

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The requirements for a garden man cave depend on your personal preferences and interests. Firstly, you will need a suitable garden building to use as your man cave, that is ideally fully insulated and has a mains electrical supply. Once you’ve got your designated space, you’ll need to consider any furniture, tools, and equipment you need, whether that's a sofa to relax on, a workbench to work at, or a bar if you’re planning a few garden parties. It’s a versatile space to do whatever you want with.

This is completely up to you. With each of our garden buildings you will need to choose an exterior colour and interior colours should you choose to have it painted. If you have something in mind that we don’t have on our building configurator, we do offer a colour match service so your garden man cave is exactly as you envisage. To find out more about this service please get in touch.

Yes, depending on the design you choose, we can add multiple partitions to your building to really tailor it to your needs.

This will depend on the type of building you choose. Our sheds and summerhouses come unlined as standard but do have the option to upgrade to a lined and insulated version. Our studios and garden rooms come fully lined and insulated with double glazing as standard.


We also offer our electric pack as standard with our garden rooms, and it is an optional extra on all other buildings.


Depending on the design you choose, customisable options include size (up to 30m² internal), partitions, roofing material, external cladding, door and window placement, window styles and internal and external paint colours.

Depending on the size and design, it could take anywhere from half a day to five days to install. Five days would be for our larger, fully lined and insulated buildings.

This is not something we would recommend, especially with one of our timber buildings. Timber needs room to breathe, so putting it against your house will result in damp problems further down the line. To preserve the longevity of your building, we recommend having at least a 30cm air gap around each side of your building.

Absolutely. A well-constructed and well-maintained garden man cave can definitely add value to your home. Not only does it provide additional usable space, but it also adds an element of uniqueness and appeal to your property.

While we install the electrics, such as lighting and plug sockets in your building, you will need to get a qualified electrician to run electricity to your garden man cave for the final connection. We provide an electrical pack extra on most buildings, which includes lighting, a light switch, plug sockets, and a 8-way consumer unit so all it needs is the final electrical connection for it to be up and running.

While we don’t offer plumbing services, we can add the necessary partitions into your building design to allow you or your plumber to add what you need post-installation.

Depending on the options you choose with your building design, yes absolutely you can use it all year round. We can supply buildings with double glazing, lining and insulation and electrics to help you enjoy your building no matter the weather outside.

We provide a 10-year guarantee with most of our buildings. We also have a dedicated customer service team who will help you throughout the order process, and will be on hand to help with any questions post-installation as well.


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