Environmental Policy

Environmental responsibility forms part of our business strategy. At Crane Garden Buildings we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.


FSC Logo

The single biggest issue is the sourcing of our timber. We are an FSC® certified company. BM TRADA audits Crane Garden Buildings for Chain of Custody thus ensuring that all our timber we use is traceable, grown in well managed forests in a sustainable way. A totally renewable resource.

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Climatic change: Good forestry practice coupled with using timber above other energy-intensive materials such as concrete or steel will help to tackle climate change by increasing the amount of carbon that is removed from the atmosphere as the trees use carbon dioxide which they take out of the atmosphere for growth.

To further reduce our impact on the environment and work towards reducing climate change, we use our waste timber to heat our workshops. This also means that we are not burning fossil fuels.

Find out about where we get our timber.

Roofing Material

Our cedar shingles for roofing are PEFC certified. An organisation that shares similar principles to FSC with regard to sustainability etc.


All of the treatments, paints and stains used on our buildings are water based. If we did not use water based treatments then they would be spirit based (containing oil - a fossil fuel).

Recycling and Reducing Landfill

90% of all our waste is timber, which is all recycled through a heating system for our workshops. Our remaining waste is back sorted for recycling. 70% of this remaining waste is recycled, which means that only 3% of our waste is land filled.

We use very little packaging. We do not wrap or package our buildings. A minimal amount is used in a necessary way.


We look to use modern and efficient vehicles to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. We are in the process of investigating the use of bio fuels.

Both the management and employees of Crane Garden Buildings are engaged in a car sharing scheme getting to and from work.

We are continuously working with our suppliers to increase the amount of environmentally friendly and ethically sourced components that we use in our buildings.