Timber Potting Sheds

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Timber Potting Sheds

Are you a gardening enthusiast looking for a place to take shelter and relish the joys of your green space? If so, a potting shed is a wonderful addition to your garden that creates a dedicated space for you to be able to escape to. Constructed using FSCĀ® certified Scandinavian Redwood, our range of potting sheds are of the highest quality and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether you are an experienced gardener or someone who has just begun their journey, a potting shed is a great versatile space that can serve a range of purposes.

We offer a range of customisable features that give you the opportunity to create a finish that is unique to you. To begin designing your potting shed today, give a member of our dedicated sales team a call on 01760 444229.

Product Range

Potting Sheds

2.1 x 3.6m Superior Shed Painted in Farrow and Ball Green Smoke with Apex Roof
Delivery & Installation included

Superior Shed

4.6 from 836 reviews

Ideal for use as a potting shed, hobby room, or storage space, the Superior is a quality, heavy-duty shed that can be tailored to your needs with many style and size options to choose from.

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1.5 x 2.1m Classic Shed painted in Classic Smoke with Apex Roof Design
Delivery & Installation included

Classic Shed

4.6 from 773 reviews

A simple, unlined potting shed in either apex or pent roof styles. For a more adaptable design, please see our Superior Sheds.

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Peckover National Trust Shed measuring 1.8 x 2.4m painted in Painters Grey
Delivery & Installation included

National Trust Sheds

Our National Trust Sheds are practical, affordable and beautiful, perfect for a potting shed. Combining traditional design with an attractive colour palette, they easily fit into any garden.

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2.4 x 3.0m Timber Greenhouse Painted in Exterior Ash
Delivery & Installation included

Victoria Greenhouse

4.5 from 49 reviews

Our timber-framed Greenhouses are an iconic, elegant Victorian design, the perfect pairing to sit alongside your potting shed. 

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Established in 1975 by David Crane, Crane Garden Buildings are proud to still be, at their heart, a Norfolk-based, family-run business, and a highly rated producer of high quality timber garden buildings.

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Potting Shed FAQs

What is a potting shed?

A potting shed is a warm, sheltered retreat where gardeners can sow seeds, store their tools, and plan and plot the garden. Designed as a place to enjoy all things green-thumbed, potting sheds often include the addition of workbenches and storage space to give plenty of room for gardening activities.

Can you build a potting shed?

Whilst building a potting shed certainly is possible, as garden-building specialists we recommend leaving the construction to the experts. Built using only the highest quality materials and tailored to your specific requirements, working alongside our dedicated team to create the potting shed of your dreams is a stress-free process guaranteed to give you a stunning result. After all, there is a reason we have been making garden buildings for over 45 years…

What can you use a potting shed for?

A potting shed can be used for whatever you may want it to be, from storing welly boots and rakes to potting seedlings, with our highly customisable garden sheds you can create a potting shed that serves all your needs.

What can you grow in a potting shed?

A potting shed is remarkably similar to a greenhouse, so whatever you can grow in a greenhouse you can grow in your potting shed. Flowers, vegetables, and fruit can be potted and nurtured throughout the year, depending on the season. With a sheltered space, you do not have to worry about battling with the outside elements, allowing you to reap the joys of gardening come rain or shine.

Here are just a few things you can grow in a potting shed:

  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Geraniums
  • Sweet peas
  • Lobelia

How do you organise a potting shed?

When organising a potting shed, it is essential to clear out all your belongings to see what you are working with. Next, you can clear out any items that you no longer need. These can be recycled, donated, or in some cases upcycled, so we encourage you to consider what you can do with your unwanted items before simply throwing them in the bin. Once you have collated all the bits and bobs you wish to keep you can organise them into similar groupings to work out how you are going to arrange things in your new potting shed.

What size should a potting shed be?

Our potting sheds come in a range of sizes and styles that can be tailored to your specific needs and existing garden space. It is essential to consider the room you already have when purchasing a new potting shed, however, our friendly team can assist you in finding the perfect size building for your space.

Do you need planning permission for a potting shed?

All timber garden structures, including potting sheds, are subject to planning permission rules; however, the good news is that the majority of our buildings will not require planning permission for installation.

Whether you need planning permission will all depend on where you wish to place the building in your garden and if you should live in an area that has been designated as a national park or similar. Providing certain criteria are met and the building is considered permitted development, you can proceed without needing permission.

In the case that you do require planning permission, our expert team can guide you in the process to ensure it is a smooth, stress-free experience.