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How to decorate a shed for Christmas

Superior Shed decorated for Christmas

Gardens often get overlooked during the festive period with our attention focused on decorating indoors, but just imagine sitting in front of the fire, watching your favourite Christmas movie, and glancing out of your window to see your garden as a twinkling Christmassy wonderland, filling your heart with a kind of warmth only Christmas time can bring.

Taking your Christmas decorating outside doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. A great starting point could be your garden shed as it offers a solid structure to hang lights, ornaments, and any other festive decoration ideas. Equally, if your garden shed doubles up as your workshop, you may be spending time in there over the Christmas period and want to bring some festive cheer to your workspace. Here’s a few ideas on how to decorate your garden shed to get you started:

Decorating the exterior of the shed

Depending on what dazzling plans you have for your shed this Christmas it can make quite a difference to the type and style of decorations you’re going to need. If you’ve got young children or grandchildren, transforming it into a Santa’s Grotto could be what you have in mind, alternatively if you’re just looking for a touch of extra Christmas magic you may want to take a more subtle approach. Choose your theme and make a shopping list of all the things you’re going to need. 

Twinkling Lights

Your shed is a great place to start when it comes to adding festive lights to your garden, and there are plenty of dazzling options to choose from. There are simple string lights, or our personal favourite, icicle lights which have beautiful hanging strands that gently sway in the wind. Once you’ve chosen your style, you’ll need to choose the colour of the lights. They commonly come in three colour options: modern white blue-ish light, traditional warm-white with yellow-tones, or if you’re feeling extra fun there are multi-coloured options available. Next, measure the outside of your shed where you want your lights to be hung to find out what length you’re going to need. Once you’ve got your style and length, you’re ready to purchase your new festive lights. Before hitting the checkout button remember to check that they are suitable for outdoor use, and if the plug will reach your nearest power outlet, otherwise you may need to add an outdoor extension lead to your basket too.

Once you have your lights, it’s time to hang them up! To hang you could use screws directly into your shed, ideally through the frame but if you would rather not poke holes in your shed you could also use gutter hooks if your shed has guttering, or you can get special adhesive outdoor hooks which also work well. You may need a ladder to help you reach high places, we recommend doing this with a partner who will be able to hold the ladder and pass up lights etc to ensure your safety.

Superior Shed with wreath on the door, icicle lights along the roof edge, and a Christmas tree in the window.

Forage for your Wreath

Adding a Christmas wreath to your shed door or hanging it from the side visible to your home is an easy and cost-effective way to give your garden a festive makeover. You can create your own wreath by making the frame from sticks and twigs tied together, and then forage for natural foliage and flowers such as the traditional holly, ivy, and mistletoe, eucalyptus, and fir. Gather any pinecones, rosehips, crab apples and seedheads which also help to tie in seasonal decoration with natural styling.

Fun & Festive Props

Go the extra mile and make your outdoor space a theatrical display by adding fun festive props, figures, and ornaments. Your shed roof could be the perfect place to stage it! Whether you decide to stage an entire nativity scene of garden gnomes or a couple of lit up reindeer, you can get as creative as you like. Make sure anything you use to decorate your shed roof is secured down to avoid it blowing off in the wind and causing damage to your property or the neighbours

Decorating the interior of the shed

Now that the outside of your shed is glowing with festive cheer, you may want to include some small additions to the inside especially if you’re making a Santa's Grotto or if the shed doubles up as your workshop and you want to feel festive while you continue to work. Here are a few tips to brighten up your space:

Tabletop Christmas Tree

It’s more than likely that your garden shed isn’t going to have masses of room, so a tabletop Christmas tree is a great space saving option to bring some holiday cheer. You can choose between a faux tree or a real one! Keep in mind that if you choose a real tree that’s in a pot, you could plant it or care for it until next Christmas when you can use it again and again! Adorn your miniature Christmas tree with your favourite baubles, decorations, and twinkling lights. For an all-round sensory experience, add some hanging dried oranges to your tree for the perfect mixture of pine and citrus for warm Christmassy scents. 

Decorated interior of a garden shed that's being used as a workshop. There is a tabletop Christmas Tree, garland and someone is making wooden Christmas toys on the bench.

Festive Fairy Lights

Bring the starry sky inside your shed by hanging fairy lights from your roof. There are plenty of fairy lights on the market, some more Christmassy than others, that are relatively inexpensive. You can also choose between mains and battery operated. The battery-operated option might be more suitable especially if the existing plug sockets are in use in your workshop as it’s important not to overload them which could be a fire hazard. They can be easily hung by using screw in hooks directly into the timber frame of your garden shed.

Paper Snowflakes 

Get creative and have fun while you’re doing it. There’s something very nostalgic about making paper snowflakes, and it’s a great activity your whole family can get involved in. Gather in the kitchen, pop some mince pies in the oven, make a pile of paper all in different colours if you’d like, and a few pairs of scissors. Now get snipping and see who can make the best paper snowflake. You’ll find plenty of ideas and templates on the internet to get you started. Once you’ve got a variety of snowflakes, thread through some string and hang them up inside your shed from the roof (using the same hooks as the fairy lights are on) and hang from the windows for a pretty display inside and out.  

Final Touches: Faux Candles, Blankets, & Cushions

Now that your garden shed is feeling a bit more Christmas cosy, there are a few final touches you can add to finish it off.  To make sure you’re warm enough in your garden shed workshop (or temporary Santa's Grotto) you can add some tactile layers like novelty Christmas blankets and cushions. Some faux candles can also be a great way to boost that feeling of warm and cosy even if they aren’t emitting any real heat. 

Garden shed decorated for Christmas


What are some tips for decorating a shed on a budget?

  • Forage for natural materials you can make your own decorations with, such as pinecones, holly, ivy, and mistletoe.
  • Make your own decorations, such as paper snowflakes, garlands, and wreaths.
  • Shop at charity shops and local Christmas craft fairs for inexpensive decorations.
  • Use solar-powered or battery-operated lights to save money on electricity.

How do I decorate a shed that is in poor condition?

  • It’s important that any damage to your shed is repaired before you start to decorate it for Christmas with lights etc as this could be a potential fire hazard. 

How do I keep my outdoor shed decorations safe from the weather?

  • Use waterproof lights and decorations.
  • Secure all decorations securely to the shed so they don't blow away in the wind.
  • If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, consider using decorations that can withstand the weight of the snow.
  • Remove decorations when they are not in use to prevent them from being damaged by the elements.

How do I decorate the inside of a shed that is used for storage?

  • Use decorations that can be easily removed and stored when not in use.
  • Hang decorations from the ceiling or walls to save space on the floor.
  • Use clear storage containers to store your decorations so they are visible and easy to access.

How do I make my shed decorations more unique and personal?

  • Use handmade decorations, such as wreaths, ornaments, and garlands.
  • Display family photos and other personal items.
  • Decorate your shed in a theme that reflects your interests, such as a winter wonderland theme, a North Pole theme, or a Christmas character theme.

Now you’re ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour whether that’s looking at your twinkling masterpiece through your living room window, feeling warm and festive in your workshop, or if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be wearing that iconic red outfit and itchy faux beard waiting to hand out presents to small beaming faces.

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