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Insulated Garden Offices

An office space to call your own

Insulated Garden Offices

An office space to call your own

Van, Delivery & Installation included Delivery & installation included
Van, Delivery & Installation included
Delivery & installation
10-year guarantee
10-year guarantee
for peace of mind
50 Years Experience
Over 50 years'
Handmade to Order in Norfolk
Handmade to order
in Norfolk

Getting a new insulated garden office can be pretty exciting. We spend the majority of our lives working so it’s important to make this as easy and enjoyable as possible. A new insulated garden office will allow you to have a space separate from the family home where you can be your most productive and creative self! Not only have they been shown to positively affect our mental health but they also hold their value by being a versatile space that can easily change from garden office to garden gym and back again. 

What is an insulated garden office?

A fully insulated garden office is a stand-alone building in your garden that provides a dedicated space for remote working or a home business that you’ll be wanting to use all year-round. The structure will have additional material built into the walls, roof, and flooring that will help to insulate the space inside providing resistance to heat flow throughout the year, and also acts as an acoustic barrier. 

Why have an insulated garden office?

Whether you are a freelancer, work remotely, or run a business from your home, an insulated garden office can be a really valuable space and worth investing in. Having a separate space outside of your home that you can use all year-round for working can have a positive impact on your mental health by keeping your work life and home life split. Each working day you’ll be able to embark on the best commute to your insulated office at the bottom of the garden, walking away from the mundane distractions of home life, to have a successful and productive day in the office. 

The benefits of an insulated garden office

Year-round use 

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of choosing an insulated office over an uninsulated one, is that you can use it from January to December. As a place you want to be able to concentrate, be productive, and spend the majority of your day, it’s important that you are able to regulate the internal temperature. That is to keep it cool during the summer and allow you to heat it efficiently in the winter.


A British winter can be cold and although insulation will prevent the internal temperature from dropping as low as outside, it will need to be heated from the inside for it to be considered a warm enough place to spend your day. The insulation will be key to ensuring the heat from your electric radiator is trapped inside the building, so you can look out onto your frost covered garden on a sharp winter morning and get started on your tasks for the day.

Prevents mould

You’re going to want to make your new garden office look nice and comfortable. You may want to add some soft furnishings like a nice office chair, perhaps some cushions and maybe an armchair in the window along with all of the important stuff like your computer and maybe a tv or radio. The last thing you would want is for your new office furniture and devices to be ruined by damp and mould. The breathable membrane and insulation will help keep the moisture content in the air at a minimum which will also make it feel warmer through autumn and winter.

Reduces noise 

As well as trapping in heat, insulation will also provide an acoustic barrier to sounds made inside and outside of the garden office. This will be particularly useful for your garden office as it will soften any distracting sounds going on outside, and if you’re going to make a lot of phone calls or have regular online meetings anyone outside of your office will be less likely to hear your conversations.


Should you find yourself in a position where you are required to be back in an office environment, or you change careers to something more practical, your office room will not be left redundant. It could be transformed into a gym, hobby room, games room, or just a cosy place to relax and enjoy your garden in comfort. 

Our garden office features & considerations

Fully Lined & Insulated 

We would recommend any of our garden buildings that are to be used as an office are fully lined and insulated. To insulate the walls of our buildings we add a breathable membrane between the studwork and then we fill the cavity between the external cladding and internal tongue and groove lining with rockwool. The roof and flooring is insulated with special rigid foam boards which again fit into a cavity between the inside lining and ply layer. 

Electric Pack

Along with ensuring your garden office is well insulated it will also need an electric supply. We offer an electric pack extra with our garden offices which pre-installs 4 double sockets, 1 external socket, 1 8-way consumer unit, and LED spotlights. In addition to this, we can also include a heater and/or an air conditioning unit at an extra cost. This will allow you to plug in all of your office equipment easily as well as allowing you to control the temperature if you decide to include the heater or air conditioning unit. If you’re wondering about how to get your electricity from your home to your garden office, you will need to get a qualified electrician to run the supply from your house and connect it to the 8-way consumer unit for you.

Double Glazing

For your garden office to be fully insulated it will also require double glazed windows, the two glass panes will create a cavity of air that will act as a natural insulator. This will also improve the efficiency of your garden office if you choose to add a heat source and/or air conditioning unit.

Opening Windows

Working in a hot stuffy office can be hard going and whilst we try and insulate our garden offices as best we can, we also have to consider the ventilation. Choosing opening windows for your new insulated garden office will not only allow the room to breathe, preventing any mould developing, but it will also keep the air fresh so you can work in comfort. Opening windows does come as standard on some of our buildings, but is an optional extra on others. 

Why Choose Crane

Established in 1974 by David Crane, Crane Garden Buildings are proud to still be, at their heart, a Norfolk-based, family-run business, and a highly rated producer of high quality timber garden buildings. 

10-year guarantee for peace of mind

50 years' Experience

Handmade to order

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UK Delivery & installation included


Insulated garden offices offer climate control, soundproofing, and a professional workspace. They enable you to work efficiently and comfortably without the need for costly home office renovations.

Absolutely! Insulated garden offices are perfect for full-time remote work. They provide a dedicated and comfortable workspace, allowing you to separate work life from home life effectively.

Certainly! Insulated garden offices are versatile and can serve various purposes, including art studios, therapy rooms, or any other space you require.

Maintenance is minimal. It’s recommended that the roof is kept clean from any build up of leaves, debris, and moss especially over the winter months. The same applies to the windows, they should be cleaned regularly to prevent any decaying debris eating away at the paint and woodwork. Always check for any damage to the roof or cladding which could potentially let damp in. It’s also good practice to open the windows every now and then to ensure there is sufficient ventilation inside which will also help to prevent any mould developing.

Yes! Many issues can stem from incorrect installation of your garden building. To ensure the longevity of your garden room and to give you peace of mind, we provide a professional installation service which is included in the quote for the garden room you design. 

Yes, we provide up to a 10-Year Guarantee on our insulated garden offices. 

Yes, you can customise your insulated garden office with various features, including windows, additional doors, electrical fixtures, and more. We offer a range of options to meet your specific requirements.


The 2 member fitting team were very impressive, both in their friendliness and efficiency of building the shed.

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