Craft Room for Bears customer story

We installed this Blakeney Summerhouse in Nottingham for a customer who is a keen crafter. Our customer makes lots of bags, aprons, and cushions, but her biggest passion is hand-crafting teddy bears. She started making the bears after losing her husband to Alzheimer and decided to start selling them to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Her passion project “Together We Can for Dementia” has raised over £10,000 since it started.

Bears hand-crafted by our customer to raise over £10,000 for charity

Our customer’s Blakeney Summerhouse turned craft room is 2.4 x 1.8m in size. The Blakeney has an apex roof design with an attractive overhang. Our customer has painted her building herself after installation in lilac, but it came treated with our light oak preservative as standard. If you would prefer to have your garden building delivered and installed already painted, we offer a choice of colours from our Exterior Paint System as well as a range of specially selected Farrow & Ball shades that are professionally sprayed on and have a long redecoration cycle.

Some of the teddy bears and bag hand-crafted by our customer inside their Blakeney Summerhouse

Our Blakeney Summerhouse is unlined as standard, so our customer can enjoy working on her crafts comfortably during the summer months of the year. While our customer has not opted to have her building turned into a year-round use summerhouse, we can add full internal lining, insulation, and double glazing to make it suitable for use in every season. Electrics and a heater can also be installed if you wish to have a building supplied with lighting and power.

During our 40+ years of making garden buildings, we have seen many customers looking for a garden building to use for crafting. Whether you are looking for something traditional, like our Blakeney Summerhouse, or something modern, like one of our studios, we have many garden buildings that would be suitable as a craft room. Take a look at our full product range online, or visit one of our UK show centres to take a closer look at all of our different craft room designs.

Craft Rooms

2.4 x 1.8m Chalet-Style Blakeney Summerhouse painted in Lizard from our exterior paint system
Delivery & Installation included

Blakeney Summerhouse

4.7 from 184 reviews

This chalet-style summerhouse will bring a sense of the beach to your garden, and will offer a comfortable spot to work on your crafts.

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2.4 x 3.0m Salthouse Studio in Exterior Verdigris Paint being used as a Jewellery Studio
Delivery & Installation included

Salthouse Studio

4.5 from 193 reviews

This modern style, pent roof building is the ideal craft room, with full insulation, solid pine lining, and double glazing included as standard features.

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2.4 x 3.0m Wiveton Summerhouse in Exterior Lizard Paint with Georgian Windows
Delivery & Installation included

Wiveton Summerhouse

4.5 from 143 reviews

You can appreciate your garden from many angles while you craft inside this traditionally styled octagonal summerhouse.

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2.4 x 3.0m Superior Shed treated with a Black Sikkens wood stain
Delivery & Installation included

Superior Shed

4.6 from 854 reviews

A great option for a more practical craft room space. This high-quality garden shed can be tailored to your crafting needs with many style and size options to choose from.

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