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4 x 6 Classic Shed with Apex Roof (Ref: 52)

4 x 6 Classic Shed with Apex Roof : Front
4 x 6 Classic Shed with Apex Roof : Front
4 x 6 Classic Shed with Apex Roof : Front
4 x 6 Classic Shed with Apex Roof : Front
4 x 6 Classic Shed with Apex Roof : Front
4 x 6 Classic Shed with Apex Roof : Front

This 4 x 6 Classic Garden Shed is part of our vast collection of garden buildings - all orders include delivery as well as installation as part of the purchase.

This shed includes an apex felt roof to protect it from weather damage alongside shiplap cladding finished with light oak preservative - painted in a beautiful colour to compliment your surroundings. This shed is built for longevity, using the highest quality Scandinavian timber. The window set will allow for natural light to enter the building and is crafted to perfection.

We have three different styles of garden sheds, all offering something unique: Classic (eliminates storage problems), Superior (ideal for use as a workshop), and National Trust (perfect for more traditional gardens). All our sheds are hand-built by our skilled craftsmen, ensuring the finest of workmanship. Because of our bespoke build process, if our original designs aren't suited to your needs, we are able to create something completely personal. We are confident that no matter the requirement of your garden building, we can and will meet it. 

If you are interested in a garden shed for your home, click below to view the complete range we offer. 

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Garden Shed Plan Breakdown

Basic Building Details
Roof Type: Apex
Building Size: 1.2m x 1.8m : 4ft x 6ft
Partition: 0
Doors: 1
Window Sets: 1
Opening Windows: 0
Interior Options
Work Bench
Work Benches: 0
Guttering: No
Velux Windows: 0
Exterior Design
Paint System: Standard Paint System Light Oak
Site Preparation
Building Base: No

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