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The Rise of the She Shed

Finally something for the girls - the Man Cave is being replaced by the She Shed!

garden room with veranda

After years of being told that the shed is a man's place - a secret haven where he can hoard his tools and hide away from the womenfolk - we women are reclaiming the shed! There is a huge new trend in which women are taking up residence in previously off limits garden buildings! We say garden building because these women are transforming the spaces into much more than simple storage sheds, often opting for summerhouses, greenhouses, studios and even garden rooms! She Sheds are not about tinkering in a dark shed with a cold beer, but about taking all the comforts of the home into a stylish but private garden getaway, perfect to relax in with a good book and a glass (or bottle!) of wine.

Man Cave

Man Caves have been built up to be an exclusive room (whether that is inside the house or outside in the garden), filled with everything your traditional man could want. Depending on their preference men could put anything in there, ranging from games consoles, wide screen TVs, mini fridges, books, sports memorabilia, pub games or a whole workshop. Find out more about our Man Cave ideas here. Whether large and flashy or small and simple, the most important factor of a Man Cave is that it was the exclusive domain of the man of the house.

She Shed

Time for change! We have nothing against a great Man Cave BUT we do think it's about time the women of the house had their own exclusive space too. So, the She Shed, much like the Man Cave, is a place solely for women to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life. The key difference between them is that the She Shed is always a room in the garden, unlike Man Caves which are often rooms in the house. Call us biased, but we think a regular boring room in the house simply can't compete with the escapism offered by a luxury garden building.

What can you use a She Shed for?

She Sheds can have many different uses so let your hobbies inspire you and your imagination run wild! Here are a few ideas:

  • A relaxing space with a comfy chair and a good book
  • A private space to socialise and gossip with the girls and some wine
  • A private gym, or a room to enjoy yoga or Pilates sessions in peace
  • A room to express one’s creativity, whether that be through painting, drawing, writing, sewing or crafting

Don't forget -although it's called a 'She Shed' it doesn't have to be girly or even remotely feminine. It could be:

  • A games room
  • A home cinema
  • A music room/studio
  • A bar/pub
  • A private library

What makes a She Shed different to a normal shed?

The She Shed has a specific purpose, to make you happy. Storage, practicality and housekeeping can wait; this space is dedicated to the improvement of your mind, body and soul. Additionally, the exterior will be a beautiful feature of your garden that you can paint in any colour of your choosing. Let the purpose of your shed guide you, and your creative juices flow!

If you haven’t got a She Shed of your own but are very much considering one, please have a look at our range of garden buildings - there are many to choose from and hopefully you will find one you love. Our garden buildings also come with delivery and installation included as part of our end to end service. You can also see our entire range of custom garden buildings by visiting one of our UK Show Centres. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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