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Making the ultimate home for your rabbits

We all love our pets; they are such a huge part of many of our lives and. As such, we want only the best for them and for them to be as comfortable and happy as possible in their living environments.

Grey pet rabbit

Thousands of people across the UK have fallen for the twitchy nose and fluffy pom-pom tailed charm of rabbits, but many rabbit owners concede that standard rabbit hutches simply don't come in large enough sizes for their rabbits to comfortably inhabit all day long while their owners are at work.

However, there can be problems with letting your rabbit run free, for example, if kept outside they may escape or be set upon by a predator. If you have a house rabbit they may not be house trained for such long periods of time, they could also chew furniture or even electrical wires! 

To get the best of both worlds, take a look at our Garden Sheds. They give your rabbit plenty of space to run around, whilst also keeping them safe. It also frees up space in your home (we have to mention as well that rabbits can be a little stinky!) Like all of our luxury Garden Buildings, they come in a range of sizes and can be built to your requirements. 

So, how do you convert a shed into a rabbit paradise?

The Shed

First of all, you need to find the best building for your needs. Size is a good place to start, not only does there need to be enough space for your rabbits, it needs to be a good fit for your garden. If you're looking for a real range of sizes, our Classic Sheds and Superior Sheds would be an excellent fit. This is not to suggest, however, that sheds are the only option. Our tailored Summerhouses and Garden Studios would be just as great homes for rabbits. 

oak faced ply lining in shed with workbench


Many of the range of extras provided by our team - including lights, electricity and insulation - can be re-purposed to create a rabbit's dream home. For instance, a raised workbench can keep your rabbit's food and cleaning supplies out of their reach. An electrical pack can allow you to have lights for night time visits, and plugs for a hoover for easier cleaning. It is also likely that you will want to opt for insulation if your rabbit will be spending winter in the shed to help keep them warm. To find out more about our finishes and optional extras read our Shed and Workshop Extras article.

The Floor

A lino floor can make cleaning a lot easier, and it also ensures your floor doesn't rot from excess moisture, be it from water spills or urine. Alternatively, a great high quality and water resistant paint or varnish could substantially increase the lifespan of your wood. However, remember that you must always do your homework to ensure that the materials you're choosing are 'rabbit safe'.


Superior shed with partitions

What kind of doors will suit your purpose? Do you need partitions and multiple entrances? These are important structural decisions you will need to think about. For example, if you have more than one rabbit (particularly of different genders) you may wish to keep them separate unless you are there to monitor them, as the saying 'breeding like rabbits' exists for a reason and you could soon be overrun!

We offer the option of partitions allowing you to have multiple rooms within the same garden building, this could mean that you require multiple entrances to visit all of your rabbits or interior doors. You may opt for double doors, a bunny sized door or a run in your garden, giving your furry friends the option of playing inside and out on warmer days.


Ventilation is very important, especially when housing animals. If you can’t keep the window open at all times, why not try replacing them with wire mesh or a ventilation system? Or, as a simpler alternative, you could drill air holes into the walls. This will make sure they’ve always got enough fresh air. You have to bear in mind, however, that this could let cold air and rain into the shed too.

An excellent solution to this problem would be to install one of our Velux® Roof Windows. They would allow for some natural light and fresh air, while protecting your garden building from the elements and preventing any attempts at escape.

Black and white rabbit in cage

A Hutch or Cage

Even though the shed is going to be one big living quarter for your rabbits, they will still need somewhere to sleep and stay warm. Either a hutch, a cage or sleeping quarters is necessary. Fill it with sawdust and straw and your rabbit is sure to make itself at home.

A Litter Tray

Now that your fluffy friends have got a larger home, you can separate their litter tray from their sleeping quarters (after all, nobody likes sleeping next to their toilet!). Cleaning their litter tray won’t be such a hassle anymore being in a shed, as there will be plenty of room for you to manoeuvre around in there as well (this will be especially good on wet days).

Creating New Levels

Now onto the most fun part! Making a shed into a home for your rabbits is a wonderful opportunity to be creative, and making different levels, tunnels and hideaways will be a great way of doing this.

This will make the shed a lot more entertaining for your rabbits and you can leave hidden treats around each day to test them! How many levels would you like? Is there going to be anything for your rabbits at the top when they get there?

Consider how high you want the levels to go, as you don't want your pets to fall and injure themselves. A great way to maximise the use of space safely is to create tunnels (which can be opened to check on your rabbits) below and low levels above.

Making a larger home for your rabbits will ensure they are both entertained and exercised! One quick tip though - make sure you provide your rabbits with plenty of toys and chews so they don’t get bored!

Our years of experience at Crane Garden Buildings means we are very receptive to specific requirements. If you tell us you want a garden building for your rabbits, we'll be able to advise on the right size, structure, and what additional features you may need. You're sure to find our ultimate rabbit home from our range of luxury Garden Buildings - see for yourself by visiting one of our UK National Show Centres.

Our expert team are on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

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