Shed and Workshop Extras

A luxury garden building is an investment in your property, one that will yield long term rewards. The key to getting years of enjoyment is premium quality, sustainable materials. All of our Garden Buildings are hand built in our Norfolk factory, and we offer a range of optional extras to increase their longevity. 

Interior Extras

Lining and Insulation

Painted matchboard lining in a garden building

Lining and insulation will make your timber building warmer and cosier, enabling you to use it all year round. Not only will your Garden Shed stay warm in the winter, it can help to keep it cool in the summer. Insulation can also help to reduce noise pollution, both from inside and out, by acting as a sound proofing agent. Finally having a lining in place, adds a touch of luxury to the interior's finish. If you are considering installing a building to use as a home office, every one of our range of Garden Studios features insulation and lining as standard, allowing our customers to enjoy year round usage.

Electrical Pack and Heater

Our electrical pack with optional heater is one of our most popular extras. Not only will it substantially extend the time you can spend in your garden building, it enables you to have all your home comforts, gadgets and tools outdoors. Professionally fitted by our qualified electricians, it consists of a number of sockets and fittings, including a 3-spot chrome or fluorescent light. Please note, that these can only be installed at the time of construction and cannot be fitted retrospectively.

Electrical Pack

Opening Windows

A very simple addition to a garden shed that can make all the difference - after all, who ever complained of having too much fresh air? 


DIY Workbench

For all your DIY, hobby or planting needs, a workbench is a great addition to any Shed or Garden Workshop. Our standard workbenches are 900mm tall, and 600mm deep, and for a solid, sturdy finish, we use oak-faced plywood. Each workbench is handmade to perfectly fit your shed and like everything else at Crane's, can be customised to accommodate any purpose.

Double Doors

If you intend to use your shed for storage of larger items or require extra access, then a double door would be something to consider. We offer standard double doors or double doors with windows.


If you wish to make your shed or workshop multi-functional, it may be worth considering a partition. By sectioning your garden building you can create additional storage areas, which are separate from the primary space, meaning that you can enjoy a relaxing retreat without your garden tools and equipment getting in your way.

Security Pack

garden building security pack

With the average shed containing around £1,000 of gardening equipment or more, we strongly recommend considering a Security Pack at the time of construction. Our team of joiners build our windows by hand and can add mortise stainless steel bars into the frames, whilst they are being constructed, so even if the toughened safety glass is broken, thieves are still not able to climb in through the window. Additionally, we use non-returnable security screws on all hinges, making it impossible to unscrew them. This ensures potential thieves are not able to take the door off to gain entry.

The final element of our security pack is a heavy duty sliding bolt with a fully-encased 7-lever lock. The lock is anti-sawing, anti-picking, anti-cropping and anti-prising, with its own unique key. We aim to give our customers maximum security and peace of mind.


Flooring Options Standard vs Heavy Duty

Our standard 19mm flooring is extremely high quality and will allow for substantial use, however if you anticipate particularly frequent use or if you intend to store heavier items or machinery, you may wish to consider heavy duty flooring which is twice as thick, at 38mm depth. This will double the longevity of your sheds flooring, meaning you can enjoy your shed for twice as long before the floor will need replacing.

Exterior Extras

Paint Range

We offer a number of durable exterior paint finishes from market-leaders Farrow & Ball, Sikkens & our Exterior Paint System which will increase the longevity of your garden building, reducing the amount and frequency of ongoing maintenance. Each range offers a unique and high quality finish, as well as their own signature colour palette. However, we also offer a colour matching service, so if you have a particular colour in mind we'll be happy to custom mix it.

Roof Coverings

Attractive Superior Shed in Sage Pavilion Garden Room at Showsites Wiveton Summerhouse Exterior Small Superior Shed Salthouse with Sedum Roof Blickling National Trust Shed

We provide 6 roofing options: Heavy duty felt, cedar shingle tiles, slate effect tiles in grey and terracotta, sedum roofing and corrugated sheeting (available with our National Trust range). Cedar shingles or slate effect tiles last for around 25-35 years and a living, sedum roof can improve the thermal insulation and biodiversity of your garden building. Sedum is low maintenance, requiring little or no weeding or deadheading. A roof overhang can add protection around the front of the building.


White Guttering Superior Garden Shed

Guttering collects the water run-off from the roof and then deposits the water away from the building. This stops the bottom boards rotting prematurely, adding to the lifespan of your building. You can also harvest rainwater for use in the garden with guttering, connected to a water butt system. Our guttering is available in black and white.


Superior Garden Shed with Shiplap Cladding Garden Shed with Weatherboard Cladding We offer planed shiplap as our standard cladding, but if you prefer a more rustic look, then you might like to consider weatherboard, which is constructed from exactly the same high quality timber as our shiplap, but is left with a sawn finish. (Left: weatherboard cladding, right shiplap cladding.)

These extras are available with each of our garden buildings and can be customised to your exact requirements. Not to mention, all of our buildings benefit from free delivery and installation by our expert team as part of our exceptional service.

If you’re in the area why not visit us at one of our UK Show Centres to experience the luxury products and service we provide first-hand. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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