Every Man Needs a Cave

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A man cave or 'mantuary' is traditionally a "boys only" haven where men can escape their domestic lives, enjoy their hobbies, or just relive their bachelor days, at least temporarily. It's a place to hang out with friends and where he doesn't have to clear up after himself!

We asked some of the men at Crane Garden Buildings to share how they would use one of our Garden Sheds, Timber Garages, or Garden Studios and we're loving their ideas, not to mention the insight into what they like to get up to.

Man Cave Ideas

Carpentry/Woodturning Workshop

A man cave that could be used for carpentry and woodturning was in high demand across the team. As the majority of our team are skilled carpenters and joiners, who build our timber garden buildings by hand, this came as no great surprise. When asked the most important criteria for a good carpentry workshop, they described something insulated and secure with electric sockets and ample storage space.

Sports Bar/Microbrewery

Incorporating a partition into a timber garden building to create a dual-purpose bar and seating area, together with a microbrewery or gin distillery was the second most popular idea. Wall displays of sports memorabilia, such as football and rugby shirts were also very popular. The best part? They would only have to stagger a few meters home afterward, although excuses for being home late would be rather limited!

Model Rail ImageOther Popular Man Cave Ideas Included:

  • Personal gym
  • Snooker and darts room
  • An audio digital room featuring two large widescreen TVs; one entirely devoted to Sky Sports and another, dedicated to online gaming on consoles.
  • A music/band studio
  • A bike shed, we have sold quite a few sheds recently, devoted to vintage, touring and racing motorbikes.
  • Model railways are a very popular choice for a man cave as is model airplane building.
  • A surfers hut, racked out to store all the boards. The partner of our firm has installed one of these at his in-laws' place in Cornwall.

If you think these options sound like something that you'd be interested in, or even if you have an entirely different idea, Crane Garden Buildings will accommodate your wants and needs.

All of our buildings are fully customisable to your exact requirements and benefit from free delivery and installation by our expert team as part of our end to end service. You can browse our full range of luxury Garden Buildings by visiting one of our nine UK Show Centres. We strongly suggest booking a visit to get inspired, not to mention getting advice from our team. 

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