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Wooden Workshop with Double Doors & Security PackWant to undertake a new project or start a new project, such as woodworking, but are concerned about space? A garden workshop could be just what you're looking for. We have known people to use their kitchen tables or dining rooms as makeshift workshops for projects - much to their partner's bemusement.. and sometimes annoyance! Installing a Garden Building to use as a DIY workshop is a quick and cost-effective method to shift the potential mess out of the house, regain valuable living space and provide a bolthole for one or the other partner.

One of the things we are most frequently asked is "Do I need Planning Permission for a Wooden Workshop?" The good news is that most garden buildings don't require permission, but there are some exceptions, depending on the type of property you own and its location. Read our article Planning Permission for Garden Buildings for more in-depth information, or you can use our Planning Permission Calculator to find out whether you need permission or not.

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Our Garden Sheds or Timber Garages are typically purchased to use as a Garden Workshop or man caves, but our Garden Studios and Summerhouses are frequently used for hobbies such as yoga and crafting. They're even appropriate for people running a business from home. Insulation, electric packs, and security packs can be added during the build, making your garden building appropriate for use all year round.

Each of our garden buildings are hand-built to order using only FSCĀ® certified timber at our show site and factory in Norfolk. Our in-house construction enables us to tailor every aspect of your Wooden Workshop to your exact specifications. Our Online Design Tool allows you customise each feature of your garden building, from the doors, windows, and workbench to the exterior paint, cladding, and roofing.

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Electricity should be a consideration if you require the use of power tools, lighting or heating and should be included at the time of construction (it cannot be retrospectively added by us) but read more about supplying electricity to our Wooden Workshop or garden building in our related article. You should definitely consider having an electrical pack installed if you want to use power tools. If you intend to make heavy use of your workshop, our electrical packs are also necessary for extra lighting and heating. Bear in mind that electricity cannot be retrospectively added by us. Consult our article How to Get Electricity Into Your Garden Building to find out more. 

Additionally, if you intend to use your garden building as an office, you should read our article about connecting the internet to your garden building to discover the best way for your particular arrangement.

Although we have cited several examples of garden buildings that would make ideal workshops, we can draw from our entire range of Garden Buildings and tailor them to meet your unique specifications. See our full collection up-close by visiting one of our UK Show Centres. 

If you have any questions, our expert team is on-hand to assist. To get in touch you can call 01760 444 229.

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