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A Hobby Room for your Garden

If you want a dedicated space to indulge in your favourite hobby, but are running low on space in your house, a garden building can be an ideal solution. A hobby room encompasses many different things, and our Summerhouses, Studios, Garden Rooms and even our Superior Sheds can all be customised to fit your exact requirements. Here are a few hobbies our customers use their garden buildings for:

model train

Model Room: Many of our customers enjoy nothing more that studying, designing, making and painting their models. They use their garden buildings to enjoy this pastime undisturbed, some even building intricate layouts for their carefully hand crafted models. Having a space dedicated to working on these complex models can be a wonderful way to escape the stresses of everyday life. One of our customers even built a track from his Garden Shed which could extend into his garden.

Writing Room: Are you a budding writer in need of some serious peace and quiet? Having your own space outside in the garden could be the answer. With a desk and a comfy chair, surrounded by all of your favourite writing tools, the words should just flow right onto the page! After all, what better place to write than your garden? It's no secret that some of the most famous English literary masterpieces have been inspired by beautiful English landscapes.

painting tools

Art Studio: Many of our customers come to us looking for the perfect space in their garden to work on their art projects. These can be painting, pottery or sculpture or even photography work. Light is very important for these projects and natural light is always preferable over artificial. Additional Velux windows in the roof can be beneficial in providing a clear light source. However, this may not be needed in our Salthouse and Burnham Studios, as the full-length glass ensures plenty of natural light. The large walls and high ceilings in these studios are also perfect if you want to work on large pieces.

Wildlife Watching: Without travelling for miles, there is simply no better way to enjoy your wildlife watching hobby than tucked up and cosy in your very own garden building, perhaps with a blanket, some binoculars and a cup of hot tea. Our National Trust Summerhouses are particularly adept for this purpose. Not only are they made to fit perfectly into the natural landscape, our National Trust Paint Range was designed to reflect the beautiful colours present in nature.

balls of bright, colourful yarn

Arts & Crafts Room: A craft/sewing room where you can spread out, be inspired by nature and let your inner creativity run wild sounds like many of our customers idea of heaven, hence why they decided to invest in a Garden Room! What better place to relax and enjoy your hobby than outside, in a room completely devoted to your craft work? With plenty of storage options in a space like this, you can have a very functional room, presented in a fun way, perfect for working on all your creative projects.

Library: Bookworms all over will appreciate this idea! If you’re running out of space for your books in your home, or your other half simply says 'no more books!' Why not branch out into the garden? With an insulated garden building that has electrics and the opportunity to install a heater inside, there could be no more perfect room to indulge in a good book in. Not to mention that the high quality of our buildings and optional extras ensure all of your precious books will be safe. Install a few bookcases around the walls, put a comfy chair inside, grab your reading glasses and you’ve got yourself a reading haven. To find out more about our finishes and optional extras read our shed and workshop extras article.

Woman doing yoga

Gym/Yoga Studio: Home workout spaces are becoming an increasingly popular alternative who like to exercise, but don't find the gym to be the best environment for them. We have to find new and innovative ways of fitting our workouts into our day. Having a gym at home can be a great solution to this dilemma, and putting it outside means that you won't take up valuable space in your home, and of course, you'll save hours a week in travelling time and never have to wait for your favourite machine again!

Hobby rooms are a great way to relax and help yourself unwind, especially after a long day or week at work. Given the right space to indulge in your hobby, you could become a master of your craft. Want to get inspired by the range of garden buildings we have on offer? See our full luxury collection at one of our UK Show Centres. If you decide on a new hobby room from us, we'll advise you every step of the way, from size and building specifications to those extra flourishes that will make it truly your own. We'll even deliver and install for free!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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