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The Many Possible Uses of Swimming Pool Houses

One of the great benefits of our garden buildings is their versatility. The range of uses are extensive, with one of those uses being a pool house. Over the years we've seen a variety of our garden building styles take pride of place at the head of the pool, providing the perfect solution to our customers practical needs without compromising on visual appeal. Find out how to get the best out of your Crane Garden Building Pool House below. 

Changing Room

A changing room to the side of the pool can really enhance the swimming experience, especially when you will no longer have people leaving a trail of chlorinated water through your home as they make their way to the bathroom to get changed. Our garden buildings come in a variety of sizes, a small building will suffice if it is only being used for changing. Alternatively, you could opt for a larger building and add partitions to create a separate changing area for a more multi-functional space. 

Generator Room

This doesn’t need to be a big or complicated building, it just needs to be big enough to house the pumps and generator. This will keep them secure and prevent them from becoming damaged by the outdoor elements.  Our Superior Shed would be a suitable for this use, and it gives you the flexibility to make changes to how it looks to stay in keeping with the rest of your property. If this is something you are interested in, we can prepare a quote for a Superior Shed with the floor removed suited to your space. 

Garden Room with separate room for pool equipment

Relaxation Room

We’ve seen many glamorous looking relaxation/entertainment rooms installed next to outdoor swimming pools. Take this Garden Room for example; it's overlooking the pool and suits the surrounding garden perfectly. Our Garden Rooms are also suited for year-round use, with full insulation, matchboard lining, double glazing and electrics all coming as standard, so even if the pool isn’t in use, you can still enjoy your garden from the comfort of this lovely garden building.

Combination Room

If you have enough space, one popular solution is to have a large building that will take care of all of these purposes through the use of partitions, as seen in these photos showing the floor layout and partitions. This customer opted to have three separate rooms: a pump room with access round the back, a private changing room, and a section at the front to be used as a small, sheltered relaxation room.

Garden Building with changing area using partitions

All of the garden buildings in our range have the potential to make fantastic pool rooms depending on your specific requirements. We highly recommend visiting on of our 14 show sites that have a variety of our buildings on display. Here, you can see for yourself how well our buildings are hand crafted and you can speak to our knowledgeable design team about the options available to create your very own Crane Garden Building pool house. 

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