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The Many Possible Uses of Swimming Pool Houses

Over the years, we have had quite a few requests from customers to build a garden building that they can use as a pool house, positioned right next to their outside swimming pool to create an idyllic set-up.

For a few of us at Crane Garden Buildings, having an outdoor swimming pool is something that we like to dream about! Our building installers have helped us to admire pool rooms further by taking some lovely photos after installation - they are definitely something to aspire to.

Crane Garden Building Pool House

Pool houses are used for several different reasons by our customers: some use them as changing rooms, some use them to house the pumps and generator for their pool, some use them to relax in, and some use them as a combination of all the above with the help of a few partitions.

Changing RoomPool House Changing Room

A changing room to the side of the pool is a very helpful thing and we’ve installed a few in our time. Whether it’s a small private room with minimal doors and windows, like the above Cley Summerhouse, or a slightly bigger building with a separate changing room created by a partition and a little communal area like this Garden Room.

Generator Room

Crane Pool House

This doesn’t need to be a big or complicated building, as seen by this Superior Shed, it just needs to be big enough to keep the pumps and generator safe to keep the pool running. If this is something you want, we can prepare a quote for a Superior Shed with the floor removed suited to your space. 

Relaxation Room

Crane White Pool House

We’ve seen many glamorous looking relaxation/entertainment rooms installed next to outdoor swimming pools. Take this Garden Room for example; it's overlooking the pool and suits the surrounding garden perfectly. Our Garden Rooms are also suited for year-round use, with full insulation, matchboard lining, double glazing and electrics all coming as standard, so even if the pool isn’t in use, you can still enjoy your garden from the comfort of this lovely garden building.

Combination Room

If you have enough space, one popular solution is to have a large building that will take care of all of these purposes through the use of partitions, as seen in these photos showing the floor layout and partitions. This customer opted to have three separate rooms: a pump room with access round the back, a private changing room, and a section at the front to be used as a small, sheltered relaxation room.

Crane Garden Buildings Build

There are so many possibilities with a pool room, from the practical to the luxurious. If you have been inspired by these buildings, you can browse our complete collection of Garden Buildings online, or contact us and one of our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to help out with your specific requirements.

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