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Super Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Summer Garden Party

We've put together a few ideas to suit all ages to help your Summer garden parties go with a swing.

BBQThe Classic BBQ - Everyone will agree that the Summer is all about BBQs. The ingredients that go into the classic barbeque are very simple but also incredibly effective. The only things you require are a nice day, a patio area and some seats. A water feature or some shade provided by a nearby tree can also provide a relaxed ambience. If you fancy adding more of a homemade touch to your barbeque, you can even build one out of simple bricks and concrete.

Taking Photo From PhoneHang a simple frame from a tree for an impromptu photo booth – Give your guests a chance to grab a quick few selfies at your garden party with a makeshift photo booth. A frame large enough for two people will encourage people to get up and mingle. And of course, the photos will be permanent reminders of your fantastic evening. 

Clear out some space in your shed and add some furniture – if the wind starts playing up and it becomes a bit chilly, you and your guests can seek shelter in your trusty Garden Sheds and Summerhouses. Bring a portable fridge or some snacks and you can still enjoy your summer garden party, even if the Summer doesn’t want to show up.

Children playing with PinataWater balloon piñata – Grab some water balloons or even normal party balloons and fill them with some water, bring out a stick or bat and play water balloon piñata. This is a great way to have some fun with your guests and an even better way to cool down on a very hot day.

Chilled drinksChill the beverages – a large bucket filled with ice is a simply but perfect way to keep your party drinks chilled. Bury some bottles of your favourite beverage and you’ve got an instant mini-fridge.

Music and games – There are loads of simple games you can easily set up in your garden, a simple egg hunt or a ring toss using old bottles or a tree branch can be really fun for guests. Along with this, a jazzy soundtrack or something lively to listen to can really add to the atmosphere.

Take movie night into the garden - If the weather is kind enough, you can set up a gorgeous outdoors movie scene, right in your garden. All you need is a projector, which you can get online, a white sheet and some chairs and you’re good to go. Simply hang the sheet flat as possible between two trees or against the house, point the projector at the sheet and voila, you’ve got an outdoor movie. Bring some snacks and some comfy chairs and you’re all set. Image Source: House & Garden

Don’t let wind and bugs ruin the party - If you’ve lots of food laid out which may attract flies or other bugs, then you may want to work on keeping the food covered without ruining the look of your table. Using a wire mesh colander upturned over the plates of food allows your guests to still see and smell your arrangement, while also keep those pesky bugs at bay. For the wind, you may want to skip using tablecloths, plates laid on the table will save you washing after and save your guests the hassle of dealing with a flapping tablecloth.

Separate the food, drinks and entertainment - Keeping the food, drinks and maybe music or games spread out across your garden is a great way to ensure guests mingle and don’t just sit in the corner. Forcing guests to get up, walk around and chat is a great way to ensure your garden party has a great atmosphere. It also gives you the chance to strategically place tables around your garden so that guests see every inch of the garden.

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