Man Cave Must Have Ideas

As the name suggests, 'man caves' are traditionally a no-go area for the female of the species - a place for a gentleman to relax and enjoy some personal time and space.

Depending on your tastes, hobbies and budget, your man cave will be unique to you and no two will ever be the same. We've put together a list of some of the absolutely essential elements the ultimate man cave should feature:

Morston Summerhouse with Furniture on Decking
  1. Separation from the House - Our Garden Sheds and Timber Garages are ideal places to tuck yourself away in a quiet corner of the garden. Having additional space for storage, a place for work or leisure is a good way to add extra value to your property. If you're thinking of moving at some point, plan ahead and think 'someone will enjoy this man cave as much as I do!'

  2. WiFi - Much of our entertainment is delivered through online channels these days, through devices and subscriptions such as X-Box, PlayStation, Netflix and YouTube - the list is endless. So why restrict online entertainment to just the house? Install a wireless booster and you'll be able to extend your WiFi signal into your man cave!

  3. Technology - Going hand in hand with WiFi, you'll need some or all of these:
    • iPod docking station or other type of audio player
    • Digital projector & blank wall for the ultimate big screen experience
    • DVD/Blu-Ray player & surround sound
    • Tablet, phone
    • Gaming console of choice
    • TV - the larger the better of course

      Security Pack Bolt

  4. Security - To protect any expensive equipment such as consoles and TVs, you should ensure that your Garden Building is as secure as can be. Consider installing some additional security. Our additional security pack, for instance, features integral stainless steel window bars, non-returnable screws on the hinges and a heavy duty, 7-lever anti-pick, anti-crop lock.

  5. Electricity/Power - Any man cave worthy of the term 'ultimate' will need to be connected to the mains for all those gadgets. We can have a consumer unit, together with multiple sockets and switches installed during construction which simply needs a hookup from the house. We highly recommend seeking professional help from a certified electrician.

  6. Cooling - A man cave is always cool! However, think of the warm summer months. Guarantee comfort with a portable air-conditioning unit and a mini-fridge. You'll thank us come July.

  7. Heating - At the other end of the spectrum, a microwave at the very minimum ensures you don't have to leave your new sanctuary. Popcorn, microwavable meals, and snacks can be heated up and enjoyed with ease. Installing central heating for a shed or workshop is probably a little on the extravagant side, but a couple of oil-filled radiators are efficient and cost effective when heating a particular space, rather than a whole house. Additionally, insulation will stop heat from escaping through the roof, walls or even floor. Insulation works in reverse too, by helping to keep the heat out during warm summers for a more consistent temperature. For best performance, consider having it professionally installed during construction. Read more about how we insulate our garden buildings in our Focus on Insulation article.

  8. Seating - On certain occasions man caves are better enjoyed with company, so you will need sufficient seating for you and your select friends. How much space you have will dictate the type of seating. Perhaps the best choice would be a big comfy sofa or several cosy beanbags, so you can all relax and enjoy the football on a Saturday afternoon.

  9. Décor - When researching this article, one suggestion was to make the décor particularly unattractive to ensure it was an "effective deterrent of females". Your man cave should definitely reflect your individual style and interests. It's a chance for you to try something completely different than what you are used to or indeed, allowed in the main house. This is your place, so decorate it how you choose. Themes are a great idea. For instance, many man caves become mini sports bars with football, rugby or Formula 1 memorabilia on the walls. 

    Home Gym Interior

  10. Personal Gym - Not really a theme as such, but certainly worthy of a mention. We have seen personal gyms boom in popularity over the last couple of years, with gym buddies working out together and pushing each other to achieve more. Say goodbye to monthly gym membership costs!

Are you ready to have your very own man-cave designed by our expert team, not to mention delivered and installed free of charge? Get in touch with us today to speak with us directly. You can also get inspired by booking a visit to one of our seven UK Show Centres, where we have our full luxury collection on display. 

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