Make More Space in Your House

Useful Information: Make More Space in Your House

The pressure of space is a problem in a good number of households, however, there are ways of relieving this pressure with consideration given to the following options.

Garden Sheds

Provide essential storage, not only for garden equipment but for the overflow from the house too. It is the easiest and cheapest solution to a straightforward storage issue. Obviously, consideration needs to be given to the Sheds security and structure, please see article entitled "Garden Shed Security."

Summerhouses, Garden Chalets and Garden Rooms

Provide a different environment from the house if your general living and/or relaxation space is taken up with clutter or other needs of the household. The Summerhouse, at a very basic level, provides shelter from the weather. The Summerhouse is a totally different environment from the house providing a hugely pleasant and relaxing retreat or "your space" to work on your hobbies and pleasures.

Garden Studios and Offices

With advancements in technology and more people now working from home, the pressure on space can be a work based issue. A separate work space becomes important. An Office or Studio in the garden would be the ideal solution. Choose your Office or Studio wisely to maximise its use.


Crafts, hobbies and art can sometimes take over rooms in a house. Transfer all of this to a workshop and reclaim your living space! Workshops are are great way to enable you to expend hours in peace, in pleasure and craft or just simply be at work. Have it just as you want it, built bespoke to a high quality so that come rain or shine you have your space.


Tidy up outside space by putting your car away and creating storage and work space at the same time.

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