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How To Maximise Your Garden Shed's Space

There will always be a point when you are looking for something important in your shed and you'll say 'I really wish I had organised this properly when I had the chance.' Fortunately, we have some fantastic tips for you to free up space in your shed, not to mention the time you'll save not having to rifle through everything! 

So once you have found the perfect Garden Shed, make the most of it by following our six steps on maximising your storage space.


The first thing you should do before planning out the room is to ensure you’re only bringing in the necessities. Sort through your old and broken tools and throw them away, or even donate them to charity. Reducing the amount of clutter you’re bringing into the shed is the first step to increasing the space you will have to work with.

Vertical Space

Ditch the old drawers and invest in a tool board - this is a great way to free up space on your work bench. By hanging your tools up, you will immediately grant yourself with extra space to play with, whilst simultaneously giving you quick and easy access to the tools you need.

As an extra tip we recommend that you find the optimal position for all your tools and then trace around them with a permanent marker. This is a great way to maintain your new organised shed, particularly if you have a habit of putting things down and then forgetting where they were! 

Magnetic Strips

In addition to the Tool Board for some of the larger items, a magnetic strip is perfect to easily store smaller tools such as alan keys, screwdriver bits and spanners. A magnetic strip running along the edge of a shelf or window is the perfect way to keep things close at hand yet still out of the way.

Exterior of Superior Shed
Crane Superior Shed

Hang Your Hose

Everyone’s been there, the unnecessary struggle of trying to untangle the garden hose. It’s a nuisance which can easily be avoided. Simply secure two pegs to a wall which will allow you to hang the hose after you have coiled it neatly around your arm.

Sturdy Shelves

It comes as no surprise that putting up a few shelves will increase space in your shed, but make sure that you’re investing your money into something that will last. It’s an easy quick win to put up some closet brackets, but if you spend a little time you may find some shelving which compliments the available wall space in your shed.

Clear Plastic Boxes

Now you’ve got your shelves up it makes sense to see what you’re storing away. Clear plastic boxes are ideal to help distinguish what you’re looking for, whether it’s nuts and bolts or packets of seeds.  

At Crane Garden Buildings, we provide bespoke Garden Sheds to meet any need. Want a shed with the maximum amount of space? You can view our entire range of Garden Buildings by visiting one of our UK National Show Centres. All of our buildings are hand-crafted for maximum quality, then delivered and installed for free by our expert team. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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