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Hobby Room Ideas for your Garden Shed

Whether you are a crafter or a collector, a modeller or a gardener, it is good to have an activity that you enjoy doing in your spare time to help you unwind or stimulate your brain. No matter what your hobby is, you will need the right environment to give it your full attention, whether that is somewhere in your home, or a dedicated hobby shed out in the garden. 

A garden hobby room will offer you somewhere to escape and indulge in your hobby to your heart's content. Having a shed installed at the bottom of the garden for your hobby, rather than using a room in your home, will allow you to keep any equipment out that you may need as it is purely dedicated to your favourite pastime. It will also mean that you are less likely to disturb anyone with your hobby, and similarly, you may not be interrupted by family as much either!

Over our many years of hand-crafting timber garden buildings, we have seen lots of customers use our garden sheds as hobby rooms, each adapted to suit their individual uses. We know that many of you will already know what kind of garden shed you need to partake in your hobby, but we are here to offer you some hobby room ideas for your garden shed, with examples of previous customer hobby rooms and some of our favourite dressed site display buildings.

Collectors and modellers

You could use a hobby garden shed to build model areoplanes

From aeroplanes and cars to boats and trains, our garden sheds have been used to house the models of enthusiasts for years. Whether you are a collector who needs room to store their growing collection, or a modeller wanting space to build their replicas and layouts, a dedicated garden hobby room could be exactly what you need.

Model railway setup inside one of our Superior Sheds

This customer has used one of our large Superior Sheds to home their model train layout, using a series of homemade workbenches to proudly display their collection. The size of shed you need for your model collection will depend on the number of models you have in your collection and how big you plan for your layout to be. You will also want to consider having more space than what you currently need to leave room for expansion over the years.

                                                              3.0 x 3.6m Superior Shed in Exterior Ash
 Close up of the features included in our security pack

You will also want to think about security as you will be storing items of great value. Our Superior Shed range can be fitted with a security pack, giving you peace of mind that your collection is safely secured inside. The pack consists of stainless-steel window bars, security screws in the door hinges, and a heavy-duty 7-lever lock.


                                                             1.8 x 3.0m Superior Shed in Exterior Verdigris
 Potting Shed setup inside a Superior Shed

If gardening is your hobby, you will already know that it can require lots of equipment. If you have a dedicated potting shed installed, it will offer you plenty of space for storage, but it can also offer space for you to work on potting.

We can make a workbench for your potting shed, offering you space on top to work on your pots, with room underneath to put grow bags. You may also want to consider fitting hooks to the walls so you can hang rakes and spades and shelves to store additional pots.


                                                                4.8 x 4.2m superior Shed in Farrow & Ball Down Pipe
 Woodwork setup inside one of our Superior Sheds

A garden workshop is a great option for those wanting a dedicated space to tinker with tools and work on DIY projects.

                                                     A Customer used one of our Light Oak Superior Sheds to create their workshop space
 A Customer's Workshop Space

If you are someone who will spend many hours working inside your garden workshop, full internal lining and insulation are essential. It will ensure that your hobby shed will stay comfortable inside, whatever the weather may be outside. You may want to consider having opening windows included in the design of your garden hobby shed too as they will allow fresh air to flow through.

                                                     3.6 x 5.4m Superior Shed in Farrow & Ball French Gray
 A fully lined and insulated workshop hobby room

Electrics are also important to consider as they will supply your hobby room with lighting and power. They will ensure you have plenty of light inside to see what you are working on, and you will be able to plug in and use any tools that you need. You may also want to have a workbench installed and racking for storage purposes.

Whatever your passion, our garden sheds make for the best hobby rooms. You could want something simple yet high quality like our Classic Shed, a garden shed with a traditional design from our National Trust collection, or one of our Superior Sheds that can be made in various sizes, fully customised, and made suitable for year-round use. Previous customers have also chosen Summerhouses like our Holkham and Blakeney and Studios including our Salthouse and Langham as their dedicated hobby room.

                                                           Salthouse Studio being used as a jewellery studio
Arts and Craft setup inside one of our Studios

If you would like to discuss your hobby room requirements with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can email or call 01760 444229 to speak with one of our friendly advisors. They will be able to give you more information about any of our buildings and offer guidance on the best building for your needs.

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