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Crane’s Roofing Material Options

At Crane Garden Buildings, we have 5 different roofing material options to choose from with our buildings, and all have their own individual style and practicality benefits.

Here follows a guide of which roofing materials can be chosen with which buildings, as well as a run-down of each material that will hopefully provide some help to you while you’re thinking about which of our many buildings would be best suited to your needs.

Heavy Duty Felt

Heavy Duty Felt On Crane Classic Garden Shed

This is our standard roofing material: it is available as the roofing material option for our Classic Sheds but also as the standard roofing material offered with the following buildings: the Superior Shed, Timber Garage, Salthouse Studio, Blakeney Summerhouse, and Morston Summerhouse.

Our building installers heat-bond the 35kg mineralised felt onto the roof to increase its longevity, and due to the heavy-duty nature of this felt, it is also a non-rip material.

Corrugated SheetingCorrugated Sheeting on Crane Garden Shed

This is the roofing material that comes with any building from our National Trust range of sheds and summerhouses.

The corrugated sheeting we use is a lightweight material, made from recycled cellulose fibres, which is then saturated in bitumen to create a very tough material that also has enhanced UV resistance.

We use it on the National Trust range to help boost the traditional feel of these buildings, as they have been designed with old outbuildings from National Trust property estates in mind.

Cedar Shingle Tiles

For a more naturally attractive finish, you can choose our cedar shingle tiles on our apex roofed Superior Sheds, Timber Garages, and Garden Studios, as well as the full range of Summerhouses and Garden Rooms.

We use the highest quality, construction-grade cedar shingles on our buildings: each are individually laid, and many of our customers choose them as they offer a more traditional finish.

Once a building is installed with cedar shingles on the roof, the colour of the tiles begins to change: they start off as a bright terracotta colour, and as they age, over the course of around 6 months, they gradually change to a silver/grey colour.

The shingles are expected to last 25-35 years, and they are secured using stainless steel fixings.

Cedar Shingle Tiles on Beautiful Summerhouse Crane Garden Building Summerhouse With Cedar Shingle Tiles

Slate Effect Tile

The slate effect tiles are another very attractive choice, and often customers choose them to match the colour of the tiles on the roof of their house. You can choose these tiles with our apex roofed Superior Sheds, Timber Garages, and Garden Studios, as well as the full range of Summerhouses and Garden Rooms.

These individually laid composite slate tiles bring nature and technology together, providing the ultimate protection against UV rays, rain, wind, hail and fire, and they carry a 50-year limited warranty.

You get a choice of two colours with the slate effect tiles: there is the more traditional grey, which is a very popular choice, or you can choose the more vibrant terracotta colour, which goes very nicely with the paler colours in our Exterior and Farrow & Ball paint ranges.

As with the cedar shingles, these tiles are also secured using stainless steel fixings.

Garden Room with Slate Roof Red Tiled Roof on Summerhouse

Living Sedum Roof

Garden Shed With Living Sedum Roof

For an environmental and bee friendly option, you can choose to have a living sedum covering for the roof of your building.

This is an option with our pent roof Salthouse Studio, although it can also be considered an option on a pent roof Superior Shed (this is not a standard option, so please ask us if this is something you are interested in).

The sedum roof will offer a natural look in your garden as it comprises of an assortment of 7 different sedum plant species, all of which have been specially selected to thrive on top of a roof.

These plants are low maintenance, they are a natural sound insulator and they also encourage rainwater run-off (and bees and butterflies).

We have a large range of luxury bespoke Garden Buildings, and our team are always on hand to match one with your unique requirements. If you want a secure high quality garden building, see all we have to offer by visiting one of our UK National Show Centres.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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