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Crane’s Roofing Material Options

Along with paint and size, the roofing material you choose for your garden building is one of the important decisions you will make during the design process. You will want to make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing, but you will want to pick a garden building roofing material that will last.

The roofing material you choose for your garden building will enhance the style of your building and can also complement your garden. You may also want to think about whether it complements your choice of exterior paint colour and the setting of your building.

If you are asking yourself ‘which roofing material should I choose for my garden building?’ Crane Garden Buildings is here to help. We have compiled a list of all the roof coverings we offer our customers and the benefits of choosing each one.

Heavy Duty Felt

Superior Shed covered in heavy duty felt

Buildings available on: Classic Sheds, Superior Sheds, Garages, selected Summerhouses, pent roof Studios and the Classic Office

                                                                      Salthouse Studio covered in heavy duty felt
Morston Summerhouse covered in heavy duty felt

Heavy duty felt is the standard roofing option for most of our buildings as it can be used on both apex and pent roof designs. It is a 35kg green mineralised felt that is non-rip and extremely hardwearing, making it a practical choice for covering the roof of your building.

When our building installers fit the felting onto the roof during the assembly of your building, they heat-bond the material onto it using a propane torch, which will help to increase its longevity.

Cedar Shingles

Garden Room covered in cedar shingles

Buildings available on: Apex Superior Sheds, Garages, Summerhouses, apex Studios, and Garden Rooms

                                                                  Wiveton Summerhouse covered in cedar shingles
Pavilion Garden Room covered in cedar shingles

Cedar Shingles are sawn and tapered wood tiles that are a great option if you would like your garden building to have a more natural look. They are an included roofing choice for our Wiveton, Cley, Weybourne and Classic Summerhouses, apex Studios and Garden Rooms, and we also offer them as an additional extra on our apex Superior Sheds, Garages, and our Blakeney, Morston and Holkham Summerhouses.

We use Canadian Blue Label Cedar Shingles on our buildings that are of the finest quality, ensuring they last 25-35 years. Our installations team expertly fix them to the roof during the installation of your building to give a traditional finish.

Wiveton Summerhouse covered in weathered cedar shingles

Our Cedar Shingles are a vibrant terracotta colour when they are freshly laid, but they naturally ‘silver’ with age, so you will begin to notice the colour of them gradually change as the weathering process starts.

Slate Effect Tiles

Weybourne Summerhouse covered in terracotta slate effect tiles

Buildings available on: Apex Superior Sheds, Garages, Summerhouses, apex Studios, and Garden Rooms

                                         Superior Shed covered in terracotta slate effect tiles
Pavilion Garden Room covered in grey slate effect tiles

These composite tiles are extremely durable, and they help to give a clean, refined finish to your building. The benefit of choosing slate effect tiles is they provide your roof with the ultimate protection against UV rays, rain, wind, hail, and fire, so you can be assured that they are made to last.

                                         Burnham Studio covered in grey slate effect tiles 
Cley Summerhouse covered in terracotta slate effect tiles

You have a choice of either a bright terracotta or a more traditional grey colour for the tiles, which are colours commonly used on house roofs. They are a great option if you want your garden building to match your home. The vibrant terracotta is best paired with paler colours such as Sandstone and Twine from our Exterior Paint System or green-toned shades like Sage or Verdigris. Farrow & Ball Old White and Pointing also look great against our terracotta slate effect tiles. Grey tiles work particularly well with darker or grey-toned colours, such as Exterior Slate or Pebble, Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe or Manor House Gray.


Salthouse Studio covered in EPDM

Buildings available on: Salthouse Studio, Holt Studio, and the Thornham Summerhouse

                                                     Holt Studio covered in EPDM
Thornham Summerhouse covered in EPDM

EPDM is a roofing material that is available as an optional extra on some of our pent roof buildings. It is a rubber-based roof covering that is very tough with a high puncture resistance. It is an extremely durable material that is UV and ozone resistant. It is manufactured in one piece so we can glue it to the roof without any joins.

The material is flexible enough to allow for the seasonal movement found on timber structures, ensuring it will not crack from extreme moisture and dryness. EPDM roofing is also environmentally friendly as it is made from recycled materials.

Corrugated Sheeting

National Trust Peckover Shed covered in corrugated sheeting

Buildings available on: National Trust Sheds & National Trust Summerhouses

                                         National Trust Flatford Summerhouse covered in corrugated sheeting
 National Trust Felbrigg Shed covered in corrugated sheeting

The material used to cover the roofs of our National Trust Sheds & Summerhouses is corrugated sheeting. The sheeting is lightweight and made from recycled cellulose fibres, which is then saturated in bitumen to create a very tough material.

Our range of National Trust buildings are inspired by the historic properties and outbuildings the Trust looks after in East Anglia, so we wanted to reflect the traditional aesthetic of these properties with an olden-style roofing material.

At Crane Garden Buildings, we offer a variety of buildings to cater for a multitude of uses, whether you require a workshop space, potting shed, garden office, craft room, extended living space, or simply a relaxing garden retreat. All of our buildings can be tailored to suit your requirements and personal tastes, with different sizes, roof coverings, window types, paint ranges and colours available.

If you would like to see what we are able to create for you, please get in touch with us on 01760 444229 or pay us a visit at one of our UK show centres.

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