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Creating a Private Garden Sanctuary - Things To Consider

Garden SanctuaryWe’d all love to have a garden that we can escape to; where we can enjoy the peace, quiet and natural beauty around us. For many of us though, our gardens are overlooked by neighbours or public walkways. Enclosing your garden will help to reduce this, not to mention road noise. This can be the first step to transforming the space into your own personal sanctuary.

How To Create Enclosure

Choosing your style of enclosure is perhaps the hardest part. Hedges, fences, trees, pergolas, walls, plants and drapes are all great ways to increase your privacy. It all depends on the style and location of your garden - not to mention personal taste. You should try to ensure that whatever option you choose maintains the natural balance of your garden.

A modern garden may suit a vertical set of plants or slatted screening for a clean, fashionable look. If you have a more traditional style garden, suitable choices include willow, hazel screening or an old-style wall.

Hedges or trees will suit any type of garden, but are a longer term option as they will require time to grow. You must also be mindful of the type of tree or hedge that you do plant. Many neighbourly disputes are caused by blocked light due to fast-growing trees. Therefore, avoid plants such as Leylandii and follow rules and legislation in place to protect people affected by “nuisance” trees and hedges. If you have pets or children that play outside, you should also carefully consider the type of hedging you plant as many of them can be poisonous. If space allows, you could consider a Summerhouse, Garden Studio or pergola to add a focal element and provide a dedicated enclosure to relax in. 

Sound and Sight

These are the two main points to consider when designing for your enclosed garden; the sounds you hear and the things you see.


Almost all of us are subjected to noise pollution at some level, whether it be passing traffic, roadworks or neighbours. This is something you can reduce through creative use of garden features such as:

Fountains and Water Features.

An ambient, constant trickle of water from a fountain or water feature is a relaxing way to mask a large proportion of background noise.

Hedges and Shrubs

These will absorb and deaden sound, reducing what you and your neighbours can hear. Wildlife will appreciate the additional places to live and shelter too– and you may even be rewarded with seeing their young at certain times of the year.

Garden walls to enclose your space


Walls are very effective at absorbing noise, combined with hedges or trees they can deliver you the peace and quiet you’ve been longing for. You can also turn the wall into an aesthetic feature, which will add additional interest and appeal.


What you see when you’re in your garden is hugely important. Changing even the smallest details can make a difference. If there are aspects of your garden which you don’t like or can’t remove, because they keep you enclosed or protect you from noise pollution (lampposts, oil tanks, walls, fences etc), then disguise them with shrubs, trees, flowers or screening. 

The aim is to attempt to get a completely private and enclosed garden, one that only allows you to take in the beautiful space that you’ve created. This may even include having a secret garden hidden away within the main space. This becomes particularly useful when escaping from pets or children, and can be achieved with a simple fence, a DIY potted or stone wall or even a divider made entirely of flowers. The choice is up to you and depends on the size and style of your personal garden.

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