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5 Iconic trees that would be an addition to any garden

Trees will most likely take up a large portion of your garden and can be a truly beautiful addition. They pull the focus, demanding attention and bringing colour, shade and variance to any garden. These are the 5 trees we'd be planting in our gardens:

1. Osakazuki (Acer palmatum) – This beautiful Japanese tree is happy all year round. Its leaves turn an incredibly bright shade of red in the autumn; the perfect way to add that autumnal glow of red to your garden. This hardy tree can grow in full sunlight or partial shade and requires well drained fertile soil. All in all, we love this tree for its vivacious bright red colour - it's the best way to add a dash of passionate red to your garden without it being too overwhelming. Growing to around 5 meters tall and with a spread of around 6 meters, this tree demands attention.

Rowan Tree2. Rowan (Sorbus vilmorinii) Another tree that is originally native to Asia, the Rowan tree is better suited for smaller gardens than the Osakazuki, but it definitely adds the same impact to your garden. Turning from a fern green to a purple-red colour, its leaves stand out and add definition and colour to the spread. Not only that, it flowers in early summer which means it’ll soon be covered in rose-red berries, adding even more colour to the mix. These berries turn to white as it gets colder, complementing your garden as the season changes.

3. Chanticleer (Pyrus calleryana) - This attractive, low maintenance tree is a gardeners and landscapers dream. Standing tall and uniform, it’s perfect for lining a path, being centre of attention or just adding colour to an arrangement. Medium sized and covered with creamy white flowers in early spring, its leaves turn a deep, dark glossy green before transitioning into vivid yellow and crimson in the autumn. Growing to around 15 meters tall, this beautiful tree is perfect should you wish for some height and colour variation in any garden arrangement.

Judas Tree4. Judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum) – This small tree can bring a taste of the eastern Mediterranean region to your garden. Full of vivid, deep purple flower around May time. The flowers grow on the bare wood before the leaves even start growing, making the tree look like it’s covered in a vivid pink mist. This, along with its heart shaped leaves which turn bronze as they emerge, makes the Judas tree rather romantic indeed.

The Myrtle5. The Myrtle (Myrtus communis) – Otherwise known as the ‘Common Myrtle’, this evergreen tree is anything but common with its intriguing mix of dark green leaves, bright white flowers and luscious purple-black cherries to your garden arrangement. Only small to medium sized, the Myrtle is perfect to complement the gaps between other trees or to line a wall or path. Small bushy and aromatic, this little small shrub is the perfect addition to any garden.

Trees and plants enhance the look and feel of every garden and can be further enhanced by the addition of a Garden Building such as a Summerhouse or Garden Room. Most garden buildings do not require planning permission but, should you require further information, read our related article: Planning Permission for Garden Buildings.

If you have any questions regarding a garden building, please contact us and one of our team will be more than happy to talk through your requirements with you directly.

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