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5 Hardy Vegetables To Grow Over Winter

Garlic bulbsGrowing vegetables over the winter can be tricky; harsh conditions and short days can make it very difficult to cultivate a healthy crop of vegetables. While most are capable of handling a bit of cold weather, once the frost and wet kicks in, things can get difficult. We’ve listed some of the hardiest vegetables below.

Garlic – Not only great tasting, it is incredibly resistant and able to handle some of the harshest conditions around.

It is easy to grow and relatively low maintenance, not requiring any particular conditions. It has a long growing season, taking around 9 months to mature, so it won't be ready to harvest until towards the end of the year.

OnionsOnions & Shallots – Once planted in the Autumn, they will practically look after themselves. Like garlic, they have a long growing season and won’t be ready for several months.

Spring Onions – Spring onions make a great addition to any tasty winter salad and are very quick and easy to grow. Sowing in Autumn should have your crop ready to harvest by early spring. Most variations of this crop are pretty hardy to winter conditions but the spring onion white Lisbon variety has been noted to be particularly hardy.

Asparagus – if you have plenty of space and patience then a permanent asparagus bed is always an option. Choose an autumn planting variety such as the colourful ‘pacific purple’. Not for the short-term gardener, as asparagus beds can take up to two years before they can be harvested for the first time, however, after this time, each crown can produce over 25 asparagus spears a year.

Carrots ­– if waiting 2 years for asparagus isn’t your thing, then how about a distinctly quick growing variation of carrot like the Adelaide. When grown in a greenhouse, they can be sown as early as November and harvested in the spring.

If you’re interested in growing vegetables that are less resistant to the winter cold, then consider installing a Greenhouse to give your plants protection from harsh weather. All of our Garden Buildings include free delivery and installation as part of our complete end to end service. If we can help you with your own garden building, please request a callback, contact us or call us on 01760 444229 to speak directly with a member of our helpful team.

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