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3 Celebrities Who Love Gardening

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal

When he’s not taking Hollywood by storm, Jake loves spending time getting his hands dirty in the garden. He has become a powerful spokesperson and ambassador for Alice Waters’ initiative, the Edible Schoolyard. Gyllenhaal helps them sell out fundraising events whilst campaigning, with Alice saying that he is always willing to put in the manual labour required.

He has been quoted as saying he grew up around gardens and growing his own food, and found them to be a real source of community growing up. Gyllenhaal says he really got to know his family while gardening and regularly enjoyed home-grown vegetables at the dinner table. Greenhouses are a perfect place to start your seedlings off, especially over the winter period. Here at Cranes, our Victorian Wooden Greenhouses are practical, attractive and elegant, allowing you to get a head start in being self-sufficient.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg burst onto the celebrity gardening scene when he announced his love of growing vegetables. When touring the UK, Snoop heard that the grower of the world’s largest swede lived not far from Cardiff. On hearing this, Snoop seized the opportunity to hear some vegetable growing and gardening secrets from the Welsh vegetable wizard and promptly invited the man backstage at his concert in Cardiff. The Welsh gardener, Ian Neale may have taken some tips from Snoop too, as soon after he went on to break another world record by growing the world’s largest tomato.

Snoop has also invested heavily in a non-profit initiative called Mind Gardens. Based in Jamaica, the initiative aims to use sustainable, organic community gardens to provide children with fresh fruit and vegetables, not to mention the proper tools and resources to build and grow a sustainable food source.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

Prince Charles is a strong advocate of organic gardening. His love of all things horticultural is no secret, as he tours the country giving gardening advice and assistance to primary schools. He has also announced that he is to host a horticultural festival and Highgrove for a week-long celebration of all things gardening.

Since he first arrived at his Highgrove House in 1980, Prince Charles has spent many a year working on the gardens and grounds of the Gloucestershire house. Along the way he has shared adamantly his love for gardening, even allowing the grounds and gardens of Highgrove House to be toured by the general public. His garden is separated into a series of different areas which include a formal garden and a kitchen garden.

Want to be inspired in new ways by these celebrities? Gardening is not only a brilliant hobby, but also has very therapeutic effects. A well-kept garden can be further enhanced by the addition of one of our bespoke Garden Buildings. Whether it be a Summerhouse or a Garden Room, it can be your private sanctuary to look out onto what you have achieved with your garden. Most garden buildings do not require planning permission but further information can be found in our related article: Planning Permission for Garden Buildings.

Our team at Crane Garden Buildings is full of gardening lovers! Their enthusiasm coupled with their experience makes them perfect to advise you on your new garden building, and will also deliver and install it free of charge. You can get first-hand guidance, not to mention a close look at our collection, by visiting one of our UK Show Centres. 

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