10 Things To Sell Your House

Curb Side House

Curb-side appeal is a major contributor to a potential buyer feeling your property is 'the one'. It is imperative that your house makes the first impression the best one. If a viewer's initial thought is negative then it's pretty much game over - but, it can be easily avoided.

  1.   Having a neat and tidy front garden is the first step. A newly painted front door in a favourable colour would also help. In terms of colour choices it's recommended to make a decision based on the property's surroundings. For example a house in the country may warrant a sage green or beige front door, as opposed to black or red colouring.

  2.  Adding some colourful plants to make a border at the front of your house can aid in trying to sell a house. If you have a driveway or pavement in sight then make sure they are clean, well swept and weed free. Pots with plants, either side of the front door make the property welcoming and inviting for prospective buyers.

  3. The more obvious factor in trying to sell your house is that it must be clean. Spotless in fact - nobody likes dust and everyone likes the thought of living in a clean environment.

  4. To complement the above spotless factor, it may be a good idea to ensure there are no pets around while the viewing is taking place. Chances are, most people wouldn't be bothered by pets; however, it could distract them from a successful viewing and if they are not pet lovers, then it can only have a negative impact. Some people may be allergic or even scared.

  5. Neutral colours are important. You may have got used to a wine-red dining room, but potential buyers are probably not. Neutral colours provide potential buyers a blank canvas with which to envisage how they would decorate a room if they were to move in - they are able to imagine themselves living there much easier. It could also possibly make the rooms feel lighter and airier and therefore larger! This can only be a plus to potential buyers.

  6. There is no need to spend large amounts refurbishing your home, however it is widely considered that good lighting is a relatively inexpensive way of showing your home in the best light - pardon the pun!

  7. An extension can add 10% to 50% to the value of your home, as long as it doesn't encroach into valuable garden space. In other words, you need to balance the size of the house against the size of the garden. According to Phil Spencer of Location, Location, Location, "Extending your living space is always a good idea." 

  8. Gardens are always on or near the top of a buyers list. A garden can add up to a whopping 20% to the value of a house. According to Rightmove, your back garden should look like a space for entertaining. People like buying into a lifestyle. No one wants to be a slave to a garden so planting and borders should be well maintained - make it look easy otherwise you could be at risk of putting buyers off. A well-kept, tidy garden with some pretty flowers or plants will be a huge benefit. A Garden Room or Summerhouse can add to that relaxing lifestyle feel and bring the garden space to life as well as covering the base of providing as much living space as possible. Summerhouses or Garden Rooms are highly desired goods - it always help's to have a wow factor to close the sale.

  9. Repair and Restore. These are all the little jobs that are sometimes forgotten. Walk around your house as if for the first time: repair any dripping taps, replace any light bulbs that aren't working, fix any doors that aren't opening right, replace cracked tiles etc. This will greatly enhance the overall impression.

  10. Lastly, put some fresh flowers in a vase, light the fire if it's cold, put some coffee on and make sure any pet or cigarette odours have been eradicated. The final touches could cement that sale.

Follow these steps to maximise your property's potential. Good luck!

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