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RAF Tornado Flypast at HQ

By Holly Price - 28th February 2019

RAF Tornado Flypast

At 3:30pm today our staff at HQ were treated to an impromptu break to admire the flypast of the retiring RAF Tornado jet. One of a series of flypasts held across the country in commemoration of the 40 years of service, it was a stunning show featuring nine of the jets encircling the countryside. There were some reservations about the overcast skies, but this was soon dismissed by a little bit of sun breaking through the clouds just in time for the show.

RAF Tornado Flypast 2 

The Tornado has been in service since 1979 and was first used in combat during the first Gulf War, with a striking, iconic outline that can be easily recognized. This historic moment was a pleasure to behold, with both our office and factory staff keen to be a part of the event and watching in awe. Both Sarah and Francesca on our marketing team were quick enough to snap some photographs of the special moment as well as a few video clips.  

Luckily, our headquarters are located within close proximity to RAF Marham, and so we are often treated to various different aircrafts flying overhead!