Holt Studio - 3.8m x 4.4m (12 x 14) (Ref: NAR336057)

This building has been sold.
Holt Studio - 3.8m x 4.4m (12ft x 14ft)
Holt Studio - 3.8m x 4.4m (12ft x 14ft)
Holt Studio - 3.8m x 4.4m (12ft x 14ft)
Holt Studio - 3.8m x 4.4m (12ft x 14ft)

Access of at least 2.5m high needs to be available as the buildings are transported as individual panels

Ref: NAR336057

Model: Holt Studio

Size: 3.8m x 4.4m (12ft x 14ft)

Options: This modern Holt Studio would make a wonderful addition to your garden for use as a garden office, gym, or a relaxing retreat away from your house. With a pent roof, slim fascias, and two walls of glazing that have been framed by a 0.8m overhang and veranda on two sides, this building would suit any modern garden. Suitable for year-round use, this Holt has full insulation, solid pine matchboard lining and double-glazed windows. Heavy duty felt has been heat-bonded onto the roof to increase its longevity, and the building has been painted in two colours from Farrow & Ball’s paint range: Downpipe for the main body of the building, and the cheeks have been painted in Manor House Gray for a pleasing contrast. Internally, the matchboard lining has been painted in Ammonite, another Farrow & Ball colour from our interior range. Double doors will allow easy access, and there are two fanlight in the back wall for ventilation. Please note: there is a likelihood of scuffs and marks on the floors of our Ex Display Buildings because of the high number of people who walk in and out of them.

Price as New: £24,585.00

Reduced Price:£20,450.00

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