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Holt Studio which has been set up as a gym including bike, free weights, press bench, and a large tv.

We have sold many garden buildings now for the sole use of being a personal gym. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense; gym memberships can be very expensive, and many people can feel self-conscious in a gym environment. You can equip it with all the items you will need and use so there are no queues or wait for your favourite machines. It's also much more convenient, a shorter walk is probably appreciated much more after an intense workout! If you work from home or struggle to fit your work schedule around your fitness routine, a personal gym could be exactly what you need. 

Having a gym in the garden obviously has many advantages. Exercise is not only essential for our physical health but also for our mental health; time out from work and a busy home life to work on yourself can be extremely beneficial. Working out releases endorphins, which are well-known to increase positive thinking and well-being. Working out gives you time to focus on whatever is happening in the moment, making it a fantastic way to clear your head.

There is strong evidence to suggest that physical activity can help those with mild depression, anxiety and stress. Exercise also encourages sleep, which is of course vital for the functioning of your physical and mental faculties. You can view gym equipment on many websites including

Salthouse Studio garden gym and a Holt Studio being used as a yoga studio

Customers have opted for a range of our garden buildings to repurpose as a gym, the most popular choice being the Salthouse Studio. This is due to its modern lines, full glazing and optimal ventilation. The great thing about ordering an outdoor gym from us is that we offer full customisation and control, meaning that we can make it to your exact requirements. For example you could make the building multi-functional using a partition wall to combine your gym with storage, an office or an area to relax. The possibilities are endless!

If you think your fitness regime could benefit from a tailored garden building, we have a range of sizes and styles available to suit your practical needs and with customisable features to ensure it's in keeping with the rest of your property.  Visit one of our UK show centres, to experience our luxury products first-hand. This will also enable you to talk one-on-one with an expert member of the team, who will advise you on how to achieve your ideal building. 

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