The Perfect Potting Shed

National Trust Shed at the bottom of a garden next to a vegetable patch made up of raised beds

Our garden sheds are versatile buildings and can offer a whole lot more than just storage space. Besides storage, another common use is a potting shed! With careful consideration of the style, size, internal layout, and what essential equipment you'll need, your garden potting shed could offer the best of both worlds and be the ideal solution if you're torn between a standard garden shed or greenhouse.

What makes the perfect potting shed?

Large Windows

You couldn't have a potting shed without some generous size windows. As one of the main activities you will be doing in a potting shed is nurturing plants, sun light and warmth are key ingredients to getting your plants through the early stages of their lifecycle. Ideally, your potting shed should have double glazed windows that open as this will allow for ventilation and provide some insulation, protecting the internal temperature from getting too hot, too cold, or too damp and potentially damaging your fragile sprouts and seedlings.


Another potting shed essential is a sturdy workbench or table. Ideally your workbench should be around waist height so that you can work on potting your plants without having to bend down and put strain on your back. Your workbench will also provide space for clever storage solutions so that all your tools and equipment can be kept organised and within easy reach when you're working. When you're not working, you can lay out all of your potting trays so that your sprouts and seedling get full benefit from the light and warmth from the sun as it shines through the window.

Inside a garden shed that is being used as a potting shed including workbenches, a chair and some essential tools


It's not uncommon for a potting shed to double up as a storage shed, particularly for all of your gardening equipment so it is stored all in one place for better organisation and ease of use. If you know you would like your potting shed to house all of your gardening equipment it would be better to go for a bigger size so that you can also have your workbench and be able to move around comfortably. 


You could buy an amazing potting shed but if you don't have the right place to put it, then it could put limitations on how well it's utilised. Planning where you're new potting shed is going to sit is something that needs careful consideration. For the shed to function well for plant growth the windows will ideally need to be south facing so that they let in a good amount of light and heat. Also for a functional garden layout, if you have a vegetable patch, greenhouse, poly tunnel or raised flower beds, it might be best to find a position for your potting shed nearby so that you have all the tools and equipment you need within a relatively short distance.

Crane Garden Buildings Potting Sheds

Our Superior Shed is a great option for anyone who is looking for a traditional potting shed. The Superior Shed is a bespoke garden shed package that allows you the flexibility to create the potting shed you've always envisioned sitting in your garden. There are a wide range of sizes and customisable features for you to choose from. You will be able to position your doors and windows, choose your roof material, pick your perfect exterior colour, and decide if you want a built in workbench! To explore the options avilable to you, journey through the online building configurator to start designing your very own potting shed. 

If you'd like to explore the other garden buildings and the potential they have for becoming your dream potting shed,  we recommend visiting one of our 14 UK show centres. Here you will find a variety of buildings on display as well as the help and sound advice from our knowledgable design team. 


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