Strange Garden Buildings

While we can't offer you the chance to create the buildings you see here, we can help you design your own garden building with our online planner tool and tailor the windows, doors, interior and exterior to your exact requirements.

Here's our list of our 7 favourite quirky buildings so far.

Costa Rica

This aeroplane fuselage has been transformed into a fabulous luxury hotel room at a resort in Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. One of our customers, Michelle B submitted this entry following her holiday there earlier this year. It sits within a pocket of the jungle overlooking the Pacific Ocean but you could be forgiven for thinking that someone like John Travolta, Harrison Ford or another flying enthusiast might have installed it in their garden! If only we all had a spare aeroplane at our disposal!.

strange garden buildings

These very quirky and enchanting garden buildings may be a little small for human habitation, but that doesn't stop them adding a charming and whimsical quality to any garden space. Clearly, this particular building has been designed and built by a skilled craftsman, with a generous helping of inspiration from fairies or elves. I think we can all agree that a building like this would look great tucked away in the corner of a secret garden. Tiny wooden houses built into your garden will add a touch of magic and may even provide the perfect home for a little wildlife family! Unfortunately here at Cranes, we don't specialise in buildings quite this small, however, we do have an extremely talented team of skilled craftsmen ready to build you your perfect (human-sized) garden getaway.

Bright colourful garden building

This may just look like a regular garden building in structure, but we can't help but appreciate the bold colour choices used by this shed owner. Their bravery has managed to transform what would otherwise have been a plain and ordinary garden into a bright tropical paradise which really stands out from the crowd. Crane Garden Buildings offer several paint finishes, however, these ranges favour a more natural colour pallet in order to unobtrusively fit in with our customer's natural surroundings. Luckily for anyone who does love more bold hues, we offer a colour matching service making any garden building design not only achievable but easy!

strange garden building - duck home

While this building may be made for ducks rather than people we decided that it was 100% deserving of a place on our list! We love the quirky barge-esque style and think its the perfect addition to any water-side space. Not to mention it will drastically increase your chances of attracting new birds and wildlife to your garden, and you may even spot a few ducklings come spring! Of course, not everyone has a personal lake, river or even pond in their back garden, but we think this style would work just as well as a chicken coop, small dog kennel or rabbit/guinea pig home. To read more about giving your pets the ultimate home read our article.

strange garden buildings - Hogwarts

When talking about strange but wonderful buildings we could hardly leave Hogwarts out of our list. Yes, we know it's a fictional building, but many of the rooms you see in the Harry Potter film franchise, do in fact exist or have been specially built inside the Warner Brothers Watford film studio. We love this particular building because of the insanely incredible master craftsmanship that's gone into creating each individual wooden element inside, resulting in a truly stunning building. While we can't promise you Hogwarts, we can create you a magical room of your very own, right at the bottom of the garden in the form of our Superior Sheds or Summerhouses.

strange garden buildings - hobbit house

No list of quirky garden buildings would be complete without a hobbit house! Very fashionable, especially following the success of Peter Jackson's film adaptations of J R R Tolkiens's "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit". They fit in sympathetically with a natural English landscape without causing too much disruption to the environment. This is because hobbit houses use natural materials and frequently include green, sedum roofs, which not only look amazing and act as natural insulators but also promote biodiversity. We offer green roofing on many of our garden buildings including our Garden Studios & Garden Offices and our Superior Shed range. Our sedum roofs can improve buildings' thermal performance and significantly improve rainwater run-off, on top of the other benefits we mentioned!

upside down building

Our final choice is a building which has been built entirely upside down. You walk across the ceiling, look up at the floor, climb up to go down and down to go up and enter through the roof! The insane layout of this house is what has claimed it a place in our list of strange buildings. We would love to ask the occupants some questions about how they manage their day to day activities and would even more so love to go in and try it for ourselves!

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