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Resourceful Shed Organisation Ideas

Garden Sheds. The hiders of garden clutter, the protectors of valued projects and the shelters for our peace and relaxation time: there’s no denying how useful a shed can be.

The big question for many of us though is how to keep them tidy? Clutter, especially in smaller sheds, can be a real pain when you’re trying to find something in a hurry, but there are many ways to keep clutter to a minimum. All you need is some time and some ingenious thinking and you’ll have a clear, workable space before you know it.

Garden building organisation

Have a think about the size of your shed and what you’re using it for: is it for work, storage or hobbies? Is it a large, medium or small space? What have you got inside your shed: gardening tools? power tools? materials such as pieces of wood, metal, or even arts and crafts materials? plants, seeds or vulnerable objects?

Utilise Wall Space

If your clutter is on the floor, it may be worth considering using the wall space, especially in smaller sheds. Hooks or nails are ideal for hanging tools; this is very visual and will help you find things quickly. It will also free up floor space for furniture or large pieces of equipment like wheelbarrows and lawnmowers. 

The Usefulness of Workbenches

Aside from its obvious function, one of the benefits of a workbench is storage space. Opting for one of our Superior Sheds, Classic Sheds or a National Trust Shed gives you the option of a workbench. Our workbenches have a solid top and a lot of open space underneath: if there’s anything that needs tucking away, such as tool boxes, sliding them underneath could be a real space saver.

Vulnerable items such as plant pots, trays of seeds and seedlings need to be placed higher up to stay out of harm’s way. Place them either on a workbench or on some shelving for maximum protection.

Workbench in a garden building

Roof Space

Have you got an apex roof on your shed with a taller internal height? There are many possibilities to store items in the loft space, although these will probably be things that won’t get used very often, such as ladders and seldom used boxes. Dangling items from the roof or creating a shelf loft space are both viable options, as well.

Utilising the space you have available will give you a clutter-free and organised area to help you make the most of your shed. We hope this article has given you some inspiration!

We have a large range of luxury custom Garden Sheds, and our team are always on hand to match one with your unique requirements. If you want a secure high quality garden building, see all we have to offer by visiting one of our UK National Show Centres.  If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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