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Ingenious Garage Usage Ideas

Garden Workshop

When we think about garages, most will only think about car storage. In fact, this is what most of our made-to-measure Timber Garages are for. However, in the past few years we've come across more and more innovative uses for a garage.

If you're interested in a new garage, or a Garden Building in general, get inspired by what some of our previous customers have done.


Since you often use a garage to tinker with your car, it can be a perfect workshop for other DIY projects such as carpentry and metal work. Garages can even sometimes be better suited as workshops than Garden Sheds because of the lack of floor. Not having a timber floor means that you can keep heavy items on the bare concrete, and not have to worry about scratching or damaging the floor. A concrete floor can also make it easier to deal with oil spillages, compared to a wooden floor.

Utility Room

If you don't have enough room in your house for all of your utility needs, it could be worth setting up a miniature laundry section in your garage. Very often, there will be easy access from your house to your garage, especially if you have a personal door at the side, so setting up a laundry section with a washing machine, a dryer and a bit of a work space will make good use of only a small section of your garage.

Hobby Room

garden room hobby

Taking up a hobby is a wonderful thing to do in your spare time, but often you may not have a spare room inside the house to dedicate to your hobby. Whatever your hobby is, whether you play in a band, like working on your models, are setting up a model railway, or even want to install a gym, a garage may be the perfect practical space.Our Garden Rooms are also perfect for transforming into a hobby space.

Man Cave

How many men want a room of their own to relax, drink a few beers, watch what they want on the TV and maybe even play a few games? If you haven’t got a room in the house, why not think about converting your garage? This could be the perfect potential space for a man cave, be it a sensible study area, a games room or even a bar. A garage conversion can provide you with the necessary space to make your man cave idea a reality.

Large Item Storage

Timber Garage with car in

One of the great things about a garage is that it doesn't have a floor, meaning that you can store larger, heavier items in them than you would be able to in a normal shed. Small tractors, ride-on lawnmowers, and even boats are all good contenders for being stored in a large, lofty and secure garage.

Whatever the reason, If you’re in need of some extra space, one of our timber garages could be a great option! Not to mention, all of our garden buildings come with free delivery and instillation as part of our end to end service. Our experience in custom construction means we can tailor many of our luxury garden buildings for their intended use. It's your opportunity to get creative and have something in your garden that truly reflects you. If you want some inspiration, we highly advise you visit one of our UK Show Centres. It will also give you a chance to get first-hand advice from a member of our team.

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