Why Is Timber Better?

Timber looks smells and feels good. However, it is a fantastic natural material for more reasons than you may think. These reasons range from practical and scientific to the environmental. Here are just some examples of the many positives surrounding timber. 


Benefits of Timber Garden Buildings

Timber is warm, welcoming, and comfortable to be in all year round. It is also versatile in its finish. This means it looks good regardless of whether it is stained and painted, or if it is left in its natural state.

You can get a fixing in timber very easily compared to other materials. You can hang pictures and shelves by simply screwing or nailing them in timber. This is much more difficult to achieve than with other materials.

Timber is versatile and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Being light, it is easy to install and can be worked with simple equipment. This reduces the energy needed for construction.

In spite of its lightweight, good quality timber is exceptionally strong. That is why with good detailing, coating, and maintenance timber structures can last indefinitely. This is much more surprising when you learn just how readily and economically available timber is.


Timber is a natural thermal insulator due to having air pockets within its cellular structure. It is 15 times better than masonry, 400 times better than steel, 1770 times better than aluminium. This also has a positive environmental impact as less energy is required within a building - helping with additional cost savings. 

Timber is an excellent load bearer and as a building material, timber does not corrode. It is also non-conductive and so has obvious benefits in terms of electrical safety.


Climate change is arguably the biggest single problem that this world faces. Over time the Earth's temperature has started to increase, and scientists believe that this is caused by an increase in greenhouse gases trapping more heat. Human activity is a critical factor, the most notable example being carbon dioxide emissions through burning fossil fuels. Individuals and governments must act now to curb the impact of global warming on the planet. 

Rustic Timber

Using timber above other energy-intensive materials such as concrete or steel will help tackle climate change - as long as every oxygen-producing tree that is felled and sawn is replaced. We use slow-grown trees in the manufacturing of our buildings. These are even more environmentally friendly due to the amount of carbon they have stored over the course of their lives. 

It also takes very little energy to convert the felled tree into workable timber for building purposes, comparative to the amount of energy that is used to make other materials. Any waste products associated with the use of timber can be recycled for use as pulp to make paper or to feed heating systems.

Crane Garden Buildings

Our company is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®. BM TRADA audits Crane Garden Buildings for our timber's Chain of Custody. The timber mill we partner with is also FSC certified, thus ensuring that all our timber is traceable and sustainably grown in well-managed forests.

This timber mill is based in northern Sweden and was deliberately chosen by us as their trees are grown at latitudes above 65° North. Because it is so cold the trees grow very slowly, for more than 130 years. Because they grow so slowly, the timber is denser, there is a closer grain and it is less susceptible to dead knots. This makes it an excellent timber for our buildings. The mill also replants every tree that it fells, thus clearly demonstrating that timber is a totally renewable and sustainable resource. Please see our article called Where We Get Our Timber for more details.

Because we use such excellent paint systems, we ensure that the timber we use is kilned to the correct moisture content. This is so it marries perfectly with the paint we use and is suitable for exterior British conditions. If the timber is too dry, then it will swell and take on moisture. If the timber is too wet, then the timber will rot more quickly.

Timber looks beautiful and feels warm, comfortable and positive to be in and around. It is a highly practical, environmentally friendly resource. It is easily maintained and because of the quality of the timber we use, we believe we sell the very best in garden buildings.

If you are interested in one of our luxury garden buildings made from the finest quality timber, contact Crane Garden Buildings today. 

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