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Van, Delivery & Installation included
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Why Buy a Garden Building?

Holt Studio being used as a garden office

In the wake of covid’s forced introduction to hybrid working, garden offices soared in popularity. Homes with outdoor office spaces became a regular feature on the Rightmove blog, and adding an office or studio to the garden has remained a mainstay on the popular home improvements list ever since. Now, as the housing market continues to prove tricky and expensive, many homeowners are choosing to adapt their existing environment, as opposed to moving into a new one. Rather than take on the financial burden of higher mortgage payments, people are rightly exploring their alternative options by purchasing a garden building instead.

What are the benefits of buying a garden building?

The benefits of buying a garden building are both tangible and intangible. Financially, a garden building will only add value to your property, as well as making it more attractive to potential buyers and giving your home an edge over other similar properties in your area. It’s also a much cleaner method of extending your interior living space than having an extension. While an extension will require planning permission and cause a good deal of mess over the course of months (if not years), the addition of a garden room is usually complete in less than a week with minimal disruption.

Aside from the physical benefits, a versatile garden space will also prove advantageous to your mental health and productivity. Neuroscientist Colin Ellard has spent time studying the intersection of psychology, architecture and urban design and found that office workers are 25% more productive and focused when working from a bespoke garden building. Similarly, if you’re looking to invest in a building for leisure or hobby purposes, you’re likely to enjoy it all-the-more thanks to the escape it provides from domestic drudgery, and the proximity to nature. 

Garden Room positioned in sunny landscaped garden

Will a garden room add value to my property?

Yes, garden buildings can increase the value of your property by anything between 5 to 15%.  

How long does a garden room last?

The longevity of your garden building will ultimately boil down to what base you build it on, and which supplier you choose to build it for you. Other factors such as exposure to the elements, ventilation and generally taking care of your building will of course come into play. With almost 50 years’ expertise in luxury timber garden buildings, Crane are incredibly proud to offer a 10 year guarantee on all Crane designs, which covers various elements.

How much does a garden room cost in the UK?

The prices of garden rooms range dramatically according to what materials are being used, whether you have to build it yourself and what level of quality you can expect. Each Crane Garden Building is handmade to order using superior FSC© Certified Scandinavian Redwood Timber, before being carefully packaged and delivered throughout the country where it is then fully installed by our fitting team. This is a complete end-to-end service which comes with a 10-year guarantee* and simply means all you need to do is begin enjoying your building. If you’re wondering how much a Crane Garden Building costs, our Classic Offices start at £11,995. There are finance options available, but you can get a better idea of costings by using our online tool to build your own quote. 

Insulated garden rooms with double gazing and heating

If you want to enjoy your garden building throughout the year, it is well worth choosing one that is equipped with insulation, double glazing, heating, and electrics. Our range of summerhouses, sheds and garden buildings are all completely customisable, meaning we can work with you to add as many or as few extra features as you’d like.

Why you should invest in a Crane Garden Building

The beauty of a Crane Garden Building is that you don’t have to make do with standard features or mediocre craftsmanship. Delivering an exceptional service to clients all over the country for almost 50 years, Crane takes great pride in being a family run company that works closely with each and every customer to create the bespoke garden studio of their dreams.

If you’d like to find out more about our buildings and how they can enhance the value of your home  - and your lifestyle - you’re very welcome to download our brochures or visit one of our National Show Centres where you can see the buildings and their unmatched quality for yourself. 

*Guarantee applies only to the core Crane Garden Building range, and not those which feature as part of a collaboration.


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