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Sheds, Studios & Summerhouses for Artists and Writers

Salthouse Interior  

A private bolt hole is often essential for creativity, with writers and artists alike seeking out a reclusive retreat devoid of distractions to create and conspire. From Judith Kerr’s airy attic, to Dylan Thomas’ seaside shed and Barbara Hepworth’s St Ives’ Summerhouse, creatives have needed quiet, private spaces to work for centuries.  

Wiveton in the woods
Our Wiveton Summerhouse tucked into a wooded spot- the perfect place for quiet contemplation!

There is of course, the influence of the great outdoors that plays a pivotal role in the works of many artists and writers. Henry Thoreau’s cabin at Walden Pond has inspired many keen writers across the world to find their own writing refuge, as well as Virginia Woolf, who wrote in the cold of her shed in Monks House, Sussex until she could no longer move her fingers! This undoubtedly shows the importance of being close to nature, which is something that our range of timber buildings allow you to do.  

With so much inspiration to be found in a garden setting, it is no wonder that we design and craft as many buildings for artists, writers, and creatives as we do. Like Roald Dahl’s writing garden shed, our range of Superior Sheds can be insulated and lined with heating and custom-placed windows – but we can’t promise that any wolves will be inside, which is what the author used to tell his children so that they wouldn’t distract him! 

Shed by the Water
Follow in the footsteps of Roald Dahl and Dylan Thomas with one of our Superior Sheds

Natural light and being able to take in the surrounding views were huge factors for Mark Twain and John Steinbeck, who both insisted on having a six-sided summerhouse so that their bookshelves and drafting tables could be positioned just so. George Bernard Shaw also took this a step further and built his writing hut atop a turntable, so that he could follow the sun during all hours of the day. Our Wiveton Summerhouses are perfect for this idea thanks to their octagonal shape, opening windows, and helpful options such as additional windows and roof coverings. All our summerhouses can also be insulated, lined and have electricity packs added to them so that the creativity can continue to flow freely into the winter months.

For artists requiring natural light aplenty, both our Salthouse and Burnham Studios offer a sleek panorama of fully-glazed windows, for a modern touch to your garden.  

Waterside Writing Summerhouse
Enjoy the surroundings from all angles in our Wiveton Summerhouse

All of our luxury timber buildings can also accommodate separate spaces, for those who wish to use the building for multiple purposes, perhaps adding a kitchen or daybed in a separate room with the use of partition walls. Another option for those seeking something larger is our range of show-stopping Garden Rooms, which offer space and light in abundance. 

Garden Room
Enjoy more space and a delightful veranda with our Pavilion Garden Room

Given the creative success rate of authors and artists in their simple sanctuaries throughout history, we believe there truly is something to be said for seeking out your own hand-crafted hideaway. Here at Crane Garden Buildings, we can work with you to create your dream den, making it a sophisticated year-round retreat, or a more simplistic seasonal sanctum. What’s better, is that we also offer delivery and installation as part of our service, with our fitting teams delivering buildings everywhere across mainland UK, from the winding lanes of Cornwall to the misty mountains of the Scottish highlands.  

Lakeside Wiveton   

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