Pros and Cons of Garden Offices

Useful Information: Pros and Cons of Garden Offices

We understand that having a tailor-made workspace such as a Garden Office or a Garden Studio in your back garden takes a lot of time and consideration. You may already have a clear vision for how you want it to look, but nevertheless, you should consider talking to someone with expertise about your requirements. A business such as Crane Garden Buildings is ideal as they have decades of experience in hand-crafting custom buildings. 

Points to consider when purchasing a Garden Office

  • Size: Your outside area will have its limits, so you will need to work with your office provider to ensure you maximise the available space. 
  • Use: If your office is going to be used regularly and continuously then you will need to go for a robust structure. A solid floor and good quality timber is essential for this.
  • Weather: If you intend to use your office all year round you should consider whether you need lining and insulation. A cheaper company may offer you a garden building that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. 
  • Security: Will you need a secure building for your equipment or data stored in the office? Crane Garden Buildings provide a unique Security Package that will give you peace of mind.
  • Style: As you will probably be spending long periods of time in your office, let your imagination run wild in creating your ideal personal space! We can give you guidance on how to match your garden building to your personal style. 
  • Environmental Impact: In these changing times, consider where your timber being used is sourced, is it FSCĀ® certified? Lining and insulation can save energy and you may wish to opt for a green roof for more thermostatic control and less environmental impact.

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