Preparing Your Garden Building for Winter

With autumn rapidly approaching, now is the best time to start thinking about preparing your Garden Building for the cold winter months. It is best to start now to ensure that is ready in time as the Great British weather has a nasty habit of delaying even the best laid plans!

Garden Building in the Winter


A good coating of paint will help the garden building to remain watertight and minimise the impact of damp and/or rot. Our sheds are constructed from tongue-and-groove timber and are more resistant to water penetration than standard overlap construction buildings.

Our buildings all include a commercially available standard light oak preservative as a base coat and will require refreshing at least every 12 months. Cuprinol or Sadolin are two good quality brands that we would recommend; you should prepare the exterior surface as follows:

  • Wash down and clean the garden building thoroughly to remove dirt and grime
  • Rub the surface all over with medium thickness wire wool to lightly abrase the surface and allow the paint or preservative to penetrate further

If your garden building is finished with our exterior paint system or Sikkens paint, they will require minimal ongoing maintenance. However, if the paintwork is in need of renewal, we recommend re-coating with the same type of paint - please note: our exterior paint system is created especially for us and is only available to existing customers, but other colours are available on the open market if you decide to opt for a different colour.


Visually inspect the condition of the roofing material - if the roofing felt is showing signs of deterioration or damage, we recommend replacing it immediately. Not doing so can lead to leaking, sagging and potentially damaged contents.

Our roofing felt is of particularly high quality and is unlikely to require replacing very often under normal conditions. However, storms or tree limbs can lead to tears or damage that will require immediate repair.


Check that any guttering is clear and free of debris as build-up of leaf litter can lead to the guttering overflowing. This will expose your shed to excess water and potential for leaks.


Check the seals on the windows and if necessary, use a clear silicone sealant to stop rain or snow from leaking inside the shed. We construct our windows at Crane Garden Buildings in a way that reduces the chance of needing continual repairs. 

Garden Equipment

Metal is more susceptible to rusting in damper winter conditions if stored in a shed and we recommend wiping things like secateurs and loppers over with an oily rag to reduce the opportunity for rust. Also storing them in an airtight container will give them the best chance over the winter.

Engine-Operated Equipment such as Lawnmowers

We recommend topping the fuel tank up to the brim with fuel to reduce the chance of condensation or excess water forming inside the fuel tank. Battery terminals should also be greased to prevent corrosion.

Temperature Sensitive Substances

Water-based paints such as emulsion should be brought inside if possible to prevent freezing of the water element and affecting the performance of the paint at a later date.

Electrical Items

Try to store these in plastic boxes above floor level.

If you have any queries about the proper maintenance of your Crane Garden Building, please do not hesitate to contact us, and one of the friendly team will be able to assist you.

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