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Garden Shed Security

Useful Information : Garden Shed Security

There is pressure on space in most households; Garden Sheds increasingly provide essential storage. Often items of value are stored in a Garden Shed such as lawn mowers, bikes and tools etc. So, sheds are an easy target to prey on.

If you opt for a shed of poor workmanship and sub-standard timber and construction, the building is immediately unstable and insecure.

There are simple steps to take to ensure that your Garden Shed is a safe and secure environment for whatever possessions you choose to store in your shed.

A robust construction of heavy duty, good quality timber, a strong floor and a high quality workmanship with regards to the joinery, doors and windows is a must. A strong building is a basic essential for good security.

You can opt not to have any windows but most people prefer to have some light. Always go for toughened glass as it is much harder to smash as opposed to single glazing. Add more security to the windows by adding window bars (preferably steel) mortised into the top and bottom window transoms which means that even if the glass does get smashed then no person can climb in through the window.

Most, if not all, of Crane Garden Buildings competitors use a Hasp and Staple type lock which is easily broken into by a Jimmy or such like. Crane Garden Buildings use their own unique Masterlock - a heavy duty sliding bolt with fully encased 7 lever lock. It is anti-sawing, anti-picking, anti-cropping and anti-prising, which speaks for itself.

A popular way of breaking into sheds is to unscrew the door, so Crane Sheds doors are t-hinges with non returnable anti-vandal screws.