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Choosing the Best Pool House Garden Building

A garden pool house can mean lots of different things. To many, a pool house building is somewhere to relax with friends and family after a swim and to some, it can be a changing room. To others, a garden pool house means a pool pump room where they can hide all the machinery needed to keep their swimming pool in top condition or even a chemical storage room. Whatever your definition of a pool house, we offer many different styles of garden building pool rooms that can be tailored to suit your needs.

As there are many uses for a pool house, you may be wondering which of our garden building pool house designs would be best for your requirements. To help you make an informed decision, we have listed some things we think you should consider when choosing the best pool house garden building.

Garden Room painted in Verdigiris


When you come to us for your ideal pool house, the first thing we will ask you is what you want to use it for. Do you want a pool house building that is for relaxing, or do you require it for a more functional purpose?

A Wiveton Summerhouse being used as a swimming pool house and a tennis room

You may want an outdoor pool house to store all your pool equipment, such as pumps and chemicals, or you may require an outside changing room that is close by to your pool. You could even want a year-round use garden swimming pool room where you can dry off after a swim and enjoy the company of friends and family.

An example of how internal partitions can create a changing room

We can design you a garden pool building that incorporates all these uses, or you could opt for two separate ones and have one of our small pool sheds installed for storage and then a fully lined and insulated garden building for relaxing and entertaining.


We will also ask you about what space you have available in your garden and suggest ways that you can maximise it.

A Cley Summerhouse at night by a swimming pool

If you require both a pool pump room and relaxation area, you may find a pool house building with multiple partitions inside will maximise the space available in your garden. You could have one of our fully lined and insulated Garden Rooms to have your relaxation space with two internal partitions installed to create a private changing room, and an external partition added to either the back or side of the building, which can be used to store your generator and any chemicals required.

Blakeney Summerhouse Garden Pool House with External Partition for pump storage

If you need a pool pump house, you will need to think about the overall size of building required to store your generator and pumps, as well as the maximum distance you can have them installed away from your pool, to ensure you have enough space to accommodate a building that meets both of those requirements.

Superior Shed Pool Pump Room


Lastly, we will get you to consider the style of building you would like for your garden pool house. Do you want a modern studio for your garden building turned pool house or would you prefer a design that has more of a traditional charm to it?

Pavilion Garden Room Outdoor Pool House

The use of your building is a very big factor when choosing what style of building you would like. A pump room can perhaps be more basic in design whereas a pool room that is going to be used for entertaining will probably be more of a statement in your garden and will want to be fully equipped for use throughout the year. If your building can be seen from your home, you might also want to think about having a garden building installed that matches the style of your house.

Twine-Painted Cley Summerhouse being used as a garden pool building

If you cannot make up your mind over which style of building you would like, and you have enough space in your garden, you may want to consider having two buildings installed. For example, this customer has had one of our Classic Sheds installed as their basic pump room and they are using our Holkham as their after-swim relaxation room.

Holkham Summerhouse Pool Room and Classic Shed Pool Pump Room

From small pool sheds to large garden pool houses, we have many different styles of building to accommodate exactly what type of pool house you are looking for. As all our garden buildings are designed and hand-built to order, we can tailor the design to be as big or small as you require and create additional rooms and storage areas with the use of partitions too.

If you would like your own garden pool house installed and would like to discuss your requirements with one of our experts, please do get in touch. Our friendly advisors will be more than happy to talk with you about your project and use their knowledge and expertise to recommend the perfect garden pool room for your needs. Please email or call us on 01760 444229 to find out more.

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