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Adding Value to your home with a Garden Building

Dark Grey Crane Garden Building with open dorrs and picturesque garden, displaying Adding Value to your home with a garden building.

A garden building can be a great cost-effective solution to expanding your home, alongside curbing the need to move when your existing space begins to feel on the small side. With the housing market in an unpredictable position, many homeowners are opting to invest in their home as opposed to moving, but as family grows and needs change, adapting your house to fit the demands of life is essential in creating a happy living environment.

Here at Crane, we are garden building specialists that create outdoor retreats that are tailored to your specific requirements, acting as an extension of your home, and adding value to your life. There are many reasons why adding a garden building to your home is a great idea but here are just a few to consider when toying with the idea of throwing up the ‘for sale’ sign or staying put…

1) Flexible space for all the family

We offer a wide range of building designs to suit all the family. Our insulated garden buildings are perfect for year-round use and the option to add partitions means you can create a multi-purpose space all under one roof. If the family is expanding in size and the spare room is undergoing a transformation from home office to nursery, creating an outside room frees up vital room in your home for those important moments in your life.

Soft toy bucket on white wooden shelves, containing children's toys.

2) Cost effective solution

Moving house comes with lots of stress, and in turn, costs a lot of money. Our garden buildings are a money savvy solution that saves you the hassle of making the move whilst adding value to your home. Our premium quality garden buildings attract more buyers when the time finally comes to move and can boost the value of your home by 5-15 per cent. Although our buildings add value to your when you come to sell, moving does not have to mean goodbye… we can also move your building to your new home at a quoted fee, so you do not have to part ways when you hand over the keys. It is an investment that just keeps on giving!

Glass jar filled with a mixture of British coins.

3) Quality that is built to last

As garden building specialists we know high quality when we see it. That is why all our buildings are constructed using FSC® certified Scandinavian Redwood that we forest sustainably from a timber mill in North Sweden. Our buildings are made in our Norfolk factory by skilled craftsmen that are experts in their trade, meaning you receive the highest quality product. We design our buildings to last, giving you years of reliable service and the reassurance that your investment is worthwhile.

Person using a measuring tape and pencil to calculate the length of a plank of wood.

4) Tailored to you

All our buildings come with a range of customisable features that allow you to create a garden building that is tailored to you. From large garden buildings to small, insulated to unlined, in collaboration with our knowledgeable sales team you can create the building of your dreams. We even have the option to add an electric pack and heating, so you can enjoy your insulated garden building all year round. If you can dream it, we can try our hardest to make it a reality for you.

Laptop displaying Crane Garden Buildings website on a glass coffee table.

5) Separating your home

By adding a garden building to your home, you can create a room that is close enough to feel like an extension of your existing space but separate enough to feel like an outdoor refuge. Whether you wish to make a garden office or garden retreat, our high-quality buildings allow you to enjoy a space that is separate from your home. Whether it is sending the teens outside to get some peace and quiet or moving your office to the garden, our insulated garden buildings allow you to take back control of your home.

Wooden boarded Crane Garden Building with white walls and pine roof and flooring, with people sat looking outwards towards the garden.

To view our range of garden buildings, click the button below or for more information give a member of our friendly sales team a call on 01760 444229. 

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