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9 Ways To Improve Your Garden This Summer

Making the garden look nice is one of those projects that is on everyone’s to-do list, but life gets busy and gardening projects can get pushed back. 2020 has inadvertently become a time of home improvements: with people spending so much time at home, tackling their garden has shot to the top of our home projects list.

If you are one of those people who is looking to turn their garden into a much-loved and cared for outdoor space, we are here to offer some inspiration with 9 ways to improve your garden this summer.

1) Start With A Tidy Up

A tidy garden

Our gardens sometimes get neglected as other projects take priority, but now is a great time to give your garden some TLC. Whether it’s feeding your lawn treatment to get rid of weeds, seeding and taking care to fill in any dead or bare grass patches, or spraying away the dirt and grime from the patio with a pressure washer; setting aside some time for those smaller chores that we usually put off will instantly give your outdoor space a new lease of life.

2) Plant Some Flowers

A garden with lots of flowers planted

Guy Barter, Chief Horticulturist for the RHS, has been quoted as saying the beauty and charm of flowers and gardens help to raise spirits, and we certainly agree! Plants and flowers make a garden come to life. They always look impressive and help to make a garden look put together, even if the rest of it is still a work in progress. Now is a great time to think about adding some colour to the borders of your garden with some pansies or wallflowers. You could also look to add some planters full of lush greenery. You will find an array of different planters at your local garden centre, or you could try your hand at some DIY and create your own planters from wooden pallets and crates.

3) Start A Vegetable Patch

Some Lettuces Growing In A Vegetable Patch

Speaking of planting, another way you can make the most out of your garden this summer is by growing your own with a veg patch. July is the last month you can sow carrots and French bean seeds to grow in time for autumn, but to speed things along you can buy vegetable plants and nurture them until they are ready to harvest.

4) Give Your Fence A Lick Of Paint

Somebody painting a garden fence

Painting your fence can immediately give your garden a lift. By adding a couple of coats of paint, you can make an old, tired fence look new again. You may want a solid colour for your fence, like white or grey, or if you prefer a natural look, you could opt for a wood stain. A wood stain will protect the timber, but it will also give a high colour pay off while allowing the grain of the wood to be seen through.

It’s not just your fence that would benefit from a refresh. You can also use this time to give wooden planters and other wooden objects in your garden, like patio furniture, a touch up with a lick of paint. 

5) Create A Nice Seating Area

A seating area with colourful cushions

If you are after a space where you can sit with family during the evenings or have drinks with friends, why not create an outdoor seating area. You can utilise a corner of your garden by creating a built-in seating area that you can make comfy with weather-proof cushions. You could even incorporate storage into the design of it by making the seating section a lift lid for extra cushions and throws for use in the evenings.

6) Hang Lights

Some Outdoor Lights Hanging In A Tree

You can make your outdoor space suitable for use during the evenings by hanging some outdoor lights. Whether you drape a set of lights amongst a tree, hang them neatly along the top of your fencing or add some net lights to a bush, they will instantly make a garden more inviting and give it a really cosy feel. You could also get some solar powered garden lights to illuminate the pathway down to your garden or around the borders.

7) Make An Al Fresco Dining Area

A Place Setting At An Al Fresco Dining Area

There is nothing better on warm and sunny days than eating outside, so why not use your time this summer to create an outdoor dining area. It can be as simple as a rattan table and chairs, or you could also think about incorporating a barbecue or a wood burning pizza oven into the design.

8) Encourage Wildlife To Visit

You Can Welcome All Sorts Of Wildlife Into Your Garden This Summer, Including a Hedgehog

When you are improving your garden this summer you might want to dedicate some of your time to enticing more animals to visit it. Buy a bird table (or make one if you have enough time) to encourage the local birds to visit, plant  a buddleia, lavender or daisies to entice bees and butterflies, create a gap in the bottom of a fence to allow hedgehogs passage through your garden, or if you want a bigger project to tackle, dig a pond as a habitat for amphibians such as newts and frogs.

9) Have A Garden Building Installed

A Pavilion Garden Room

One of the biggest ways you can improve your garden this summer is by having a garden building installed. It will definitely add some wow factor as it’ll be the focal point of your garden. Garden buildings are completely versatile so they can be adapted to fit whatever use you may require.

An Example Of An Art Room and A Home Gym in A Garden Building

If you are into your fitness, you can create a workout area or yoga space inside your own garden gym. You may be looking for a garden retreat to give yourself five minutes peace, a home for your hobby or a garden office. You can even have an outdoor dining room, a movie room, a man cave or she shed - the possibilities are endless!

An Example Of A Relaxing Family Room and A Home Office Inside a Garden Building

When you invest in a Crane garden building, you are choosing a building that is hand-built to last using high quality materials and FSC® certified timber, meaning you will be left with a space you can cherish and use for years to come.

A Pavilion Garden Room and A Holt Studio
A Pavilion Garden Room and A Holt Studio

From garden rooms and studios to summerhouses and sheds, we have a wide range of modern and traditional buildings available. We also offer a variety of features to allow you to customise your building, including different sizes, paint colours, roof coverings, flooring options and window types. Even if your outdoor space has a particular aesthetic, we can tailor-make your building to suit your preferences.

A Wiveton Summerhouse and A Superior Shed
A Wiveton Summerhouse and A Superior Shed

If you would like more information about our garden buildings, please give us a call on 01760 444229 where one of our friendly advisors will be more than happy to share their knowledge about our buildings with you. They can also help you to arrange a visit to one of our UK show centres so you can take a closer look at our wonderful range of timber garden buildings.

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