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8 Easy Shed Security Tips & Ideas

How to Improve Shed Security

Garden Sheds are often used to keep expensive tools, garden equipment and bicycles safe and secure from intruders. Some people can have hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds worth of tools and equipment in their shed. A “well-stocked” shed is therefore a prime target for opportunist thieves. Luckily there are a number of ways you can protect and secure your shed.

The main option we offer our customers is a high quality security pack. This features 13mm integral window bars, built into the frame of the window at the time of construction, combined with security screws and a 7-lever, anti-pick, anti-saw, anti-crop lock. If you are interested in purchasing a shed with a security pack, it's important to know that they cannot be retro-fitted and should be requested at the time of ordering. This can be done either via our Online Garden Building Design Tool or by contacting our sales team.

Do you currently own a garden building, and want to make sure it's as secure as possible? Here are a number of things you can do:

Inspect your Shed

Broken Shed Door

Give your shed a very close look - are there any obvious weak points or damage to the exterior? A flimsy roof or damage to the exterior panelling of the building can provide an easy access point to anyone prepared to use a bit of brute force. Check for rot in the wood - if your shed is wooden, rotting wood not only ruins the look, but can also weaken the structure, making it easy for thieves to gain entry with a well-placed kick. Are all the windows fully secured, with latches or locks in good repair?

Update the Fixings

Replace standard hinge or latch screws with clutch-head or tamper-proof screws. These are not easily unscrewed, making the entry points more secure. Additionally, consider adding one or two closed-shackle padlocks to the door - one padlock about a third of the way down from the top, and the other a similar distance from the bottom. This, combined with the latch in the middle of door, makes sure that the door can’t be leveraged enough to give way to slight access. Closed-shackle padlocks have very little hoop exposure making it far more difficult for them to be cut off.

Padlock and ChainSecure the Items Inside

Once you’ve secured the outside of your shed, it’s time to turn your attention to the inside. Whatever you store, from bikes to lawnmowers to power tools, it can all be easily secured with the right tools.

Run a heavy duty chain through bike frames (wheels can be easily removed) or around tool handles, linking them together. This stops thieves being able to pick up individual valuable items. If your shed has a concrete base, install anchor bolts to the floor and use these with chains to clamp down your equipment.

Mark Individual Items

Despite your best efforts, some determined thieves will go to great lengths and still manage to break in to your garden storage area.

In the unfortunate event of your shed being burglarised, these quick tips could dramatically increase your chance of recovering your possessions. 

  • Mark your postcode on all equipment with a UV pen
  • Scratch your postcode into metal plates or handles.
  • Take photographs of individual valuable items of equipment and make a note of any serial numbers (if applicable).

Install CCTV

If you live in a higher crime area or if you have particularly valuable equipment in your garden workshop, consider installing CCTV that covers your garden and shed location. This can act as a deterrent, as well as helping identify thieves in the event of a break in. There are a number of DIY CCTV kits available to purchase online at a reasonable cost. 

Install Security Lighting

A motion or PIR (passive infra-red) activated security light is a strong deterrent for would-be thieves and should be installed in areas that you have sight of from the house. Lighting up an area that you cannot see is largely ineffective.

Check Insurance Policies

Check your home insurance policy and ask yourself: does it extend to cover the contents of your shed? Does it cover items left outside such as garden chairs, table or parasols?

Knowing what coverage you have is sure to help you decide whether put away that expensive lawnmower or not.

And Finally ……


It goes without saying that having secure windows and tamper-proof screws is worth nothing if you forget to close the padlocks or lock the door! Stick a post-it note or plaque on the door to your property to remind yourself to always lock up.

To help you take the needed steps to secure your shed, you can use our Secure Shed Checklist below to rundown everything you need to do to make sure your shed is as secure as can be.

Security Checklist

  • Roof securely attached with no holes or damage?
  • Exterior panelling secure with no damage or weaknesses?
  • Windows locked and secured with no damage or weaknesses?
  • Is any of the wood rotten or damp?
  • Clutch-head screws on door hinges and latches?
  • Two closed-shackle padlocks fitted to top and bottom of door?
  • Valuable items secured together with heavy duty chain?
  • Tools secured to floor using anchor bolts?
  • Tools marked with postcode in UV pen?
  • Photographs and serial numbers logged of valuable items?
  • Know your insurance, what does it cover?
  • Is your building locked up?

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Alternatively, if you would like to talk to our team about installing your own secure garden shed, please do contact us.

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