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5 Easy Ways to Create a Beautiful Garden, Quickly

Garden Shed

Gardens are a full-time investment, needing your care and attention all year round. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t quick yet effective ways to improve the look, feel and atmosphere of your garden. We believe a high-quality timber shed is the cornerstone of every beautiful garden, but we also know of some other quick tips when it comes to transforming your space. Whether your garden is 10 acres or 10 feet, we’ve got 5 quick easy and instant ways to beautify your garden.

Break out the Paint - Adding a dash of colour to old plant pots can instantly bring new life and personality to a garden. You can spice things up even further by adding some patterns to your plant pots instead of just a solid colour - stripes, dots or even your own design is another great way to add some life. Your use of paint can go beyond plant pots - rock markers, garden signs and furniture provide ample opportunity to transform your garden. 

Bring out the Christmas Lights, All Year Round – With a good eye and some creative ingenuity, you can easily use lights to accentuate all the best features of your garden. Outdoor fairy lights are an elegant and cost-effective way to light up a feature. You could line either side of the garden path or wrap them around the trunk of a tree, the possibilities are endless and there’s nothing quicker than flicking a switch to light up your garden. If fairy lights aren’t your thing, cheap strips of neon tubing are a great way to bring an inviting modern glow to your garden. 

Put Some Flowers on that Fence – If you and your neighbours are separated by an unsightly fence or a wall you’ve never been fond of, some added greenery can instantly elevate the style of your garden. Mixing it up with a nice combination of green shrubs, bushes, plants and flowers can create a fence worth admiring. You could even create a distinct colour gradient by transitioning from green at the top of the fence into colourful flowers at the bottom.

Stone it up – Using stones is one of the simplest ways to add some dimension and variety to your garden. Taking some smooth pebbles and lining them around the base of a plant pot, lining the pond with some big rocks or maybe tracing the edge of a path with gravel can be great starting points. Stones can even be used on their own. If you’ve got an empty flower bed or section of garden, you can arrange your stones into a mosaic design and get arty with your garden. It’s also another great way to get the kids involved!

Declutter – Nothing ruins the appeal of a garden like mess and clutter. Gardens littered with old bikes, rusty old tools and kids' toys instantly feel stagnant. Removing this clutter should be everyone’s first step on the journey to a beautiful garden. Not everything has to be confined to the trash can either, it’s a great idea to recycle what you can and even turn some of it into a feature. That old cracked plant pot? It’s now a great addition to your rock design. Old bike laying around? After a clean and a lick of paint, that bike can be hung up on a wall or dug into soil to be an interesting centre piece for plants to grow on or around. For those loose items you want to keep, a Storage Shed would be a welcome addition. This would allow order to be restored, whilst adding dimension to the garden. 

Are you looking to transform your garden? A custom, hand-crafted Garden Building is the perfect way to make your garden stand out. These 5 tips are not only good advice if you're looking for a garden shed, but with any garden building, and we can help your search with our wide range of building designs, including Summerhouses, Garden Rooms, Garden Offices, Garden Studios and Shepherds Huts. Our team can design and build a range of Garden Buildings to match your particular needs, not to mention delivering and installing them for free. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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