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3 Ways You Can Inject Some Personality Into Your ‘She Shed’

We all know how men love spending time in their garden shed, tinkering with tools and watching how-to tutorials, but across the last decade there has been a rise in women craving a shed space of their own to retreat to after a stressful day. Somewhere they can take some time-out for self-care, whether they want to craft, plant up their pots, or simply curl up with a good book. Men may have their ‘Man Caves’, but women, they have their ‘She Shed’; a garden building made for indulging in some ‘you’ time.

As much as you enjoy spending time with your loved ones, it’s nice to have a space you can have all to yourself. And as it’s just for you, you can decorate it how you wish, by adding some colour, a few storage accessories, and decorative trinkets. So, whether you’re after a home for your hobby or a spot where you can relax and unwind, we’re on hand to give you some advice on 3 ways you can inject some personality into your ‘She Shed’.

Define its purpose

A ‘She Shed’ can be used for many different purposes, whether you’re wanting a cosy little reading nook, a space to get creative by making your own pottery pieces, painting canvases or sewing garments, or a gardener’s den as somewhere you can start seedlings and store your potting soil. To begin injecting your personality into your building, you’ll need to decide what you’re going to use it for and what you need to make it possible.

An example of what you can use your 'She Shed' for

It may be as simple as adding accessories, but you may also need to think about the design of your building to allow you to use it to its full potential. Once you settle on that, it’ll be much easier for you to add your own style through the items you put in there.

For example, in a potting shed, you may want to have a workbench and a wall mounted tool rack installed so you’ve got space to work with your trowels and hoes in easy reach. A ‘She Shed’ being used for ceramics may require a heavy-duty floor to support the weight of a kiln and electrics so it can be used inside.

Give it a lick of paint

One of the most effect ways you can make your garden building your own is with paint. Even old and tired-looking buildings can enjoy a fresh new look by adding a couple of coats.

Some of our brighter painted sheds

The paint you use to decorate your shed could simply be a shade you’ve picked to add a splash of colour to your garden, but did you know you could be subliminally reflecting your personality with your choice? According to Colour Theory, a bright colour choice mirrors a warm and energetic person while cooler shades can represent personalities that are laid-back and calm.

To decorate our garden buildings, we have a choice of exterior paint ranges with a multitude of different colours to choose from.

Some sheds painted in more muted tones

Create your own accessories

Another way to inject your personality into your ‘She Shed’ is by creating tailored accessories to customise the interior. To do this, many people are giving upcycling a try, a hobby that has become increasingly more popular over the past couple of years.

A customer's 'She Shed' showing examples of upcycled furniture

You may have items in storage at home that you no longer have a use for but can’t bear to get rid of, or you may find a gem in a charity shop that isn’t exactly to your taste. Upcycling is your chance to give them a new lease of life. For example, you may have a chair that has seen better day that can be reupholstered or a bookcase that can be sanded down and spray painted to give it a refresh.

You may also want to think about adding decorative elements to the exterior of your building to help bring your retreat to life. To create a pretty ‘She Shed’, you could add planters adorned with colourful flowers and a bird box to encourage local wildlife to visit your garden; just like one of our customers did when they gave their shed a glamorous make-over.

An example of the Studios, Garden rooms and Summerhouses that are also used as a 'She Shed'
An example of the studios, garden rooms and summerhouses that are also used as 'She Sheds'

They may have shed in the name, but many women are opting for other garden buildings to have as their ‘She Shed’. We have had customers over the years transform our summerhouses, studios and even garden rooms into cosy garden retreats that are strictly for the woman of the house to use and enjoy.

Our garden buildings are designed and hand-made to order meaning they are fully customisable. We have a variety of different sizes, paint colours, roof coverings, floor options and window types available for you to choose from. We are also able to make your ‘She Shed’ suitable for year-round use by adding lining and insulation to ensure you can use it come rain or shine.

If you need help creating your lovely little ‘She Shed’, please get in touch with us. We have 50 years of experience hand-crafting our FSC® certified timber buildings in order to create the building our customers have been dreaming of. If you would like to seek the advice of our knowledgeable and friendly experts, you can do so by giving us a call on 01760 444229 or popping in to see us at one of our UK show sites.

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